Andrew Schulz and Bobby Lee's Reaction to the Tom Cruise Blow Up
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 277) -
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  • Perplexity

    Whoa that visor is badass! Don't know if I'd have the balls to wear it in public myself but power to you lady!

  • Trent Bell
    Trent Bell

    Not sure if Kalyla is being funny with the masks or she is a stupid psycho

  • Ash Williams
    Ash Williams

    She looks ridiculous.

  • niggaruni

    Andrew the realest one ever

  • InfiniteNallidge

    Due to the high number of people that left Wuhan during the outbreak in December and January by CCPs own doing, anywhere with huge asian populations have already been exposed. 3 billion people went to China for Chinese New Years this year fo the math. The ones that are getting infected now are rural areas and elderly. Most states like Cali with large Chinese populations are probably reaching herd immunity by now or soon.

  • SAM3

    What is that ski goggles that khalala is wearing?

  • InfiniteNallidge

    How can any sane half smart person who has read the reports and seen the survival rate of the Rona, still be scared of it?? Tom Cruise is a fruit.

  • Scott McGoldrick
    Scott McGoldrick

    I don't know why, but this guy Andrew is annoying to watch after a while because of his fake wokeness.. The ironic thing is he shits on wokeness culture, yet the way he acts is the most white boy 'i know everything and you don't' woke shit ever.. And can someone tell him he isn't immune to COVID before he kills himself or those around him fs. If you're gonna try be the king of "everything i say is facts" at least get the proper information to spread to the masses before you do damage.

  • NoLMAOnade

    No more Schultz please. He's a rotten human being.

    • NoLMAOnade

      @InfiniteNallidge huh? why would I be? I'm jewish.

    • InfiniteNallidge

      You anti-semitic?

  • Christopher Blowers
    Christopher Blowers

    Its Scientology for fucksake

  • Jacob Abbott
    Jacob Abbott

    Let’s just assume it’s not a PR stunt for the sake of argument. People are just out of outrage. How the fuck am I going to get mad at Tom Cruise for grilling a grown-ass adult who violated COVID protocols *multiple times* Scientology and all that weird bullshit aside, you can’t with any sincerity knock the guy for wanting to create a safe environment for the film crew, and being pissed off when someone just isn’t following the rules.

    • Hide The Chicken
      Hide The Chicken

      @InfiniteNallidge How about you crawl out of yours and read a damn book.

    • InfiniteNallidge

      Go hide in a hole. Ronas a scam.

  • Agent GuL
    Agent GuL

    Kallulla going cyberpunk

  • None None
    None None

    I'm wearing a mask I don't want attention but....look at me, look at me

    • None None
      None None

      @Justin Bennitt ok

    • Justin Bennitt
      Justin Bennitt

      Khalyla explains why in the full episode so maybe watch that, it's not an attention stunt.

    • NoLMAOnade

      Comedy is almost all about getting attention. Quit taking it so serious

  • Meric Ekinci
    Meric Ekinci

    Love it how rich people having fun. Meanwhile we are eating shit and are waiting for the 2k stimulus. Love it. Nice world. For them.

  • L Snider
    L Snider

    wtf is she wearing....?

    • iincx

      @Scott McGoldrick no more shitty netflix series for you, lmao.

    • Scott McGoldrick
      Scott McGoldrick

      I'd be dressed like Khalyla too around that Andrew. He knows shit all about COVID and admitted numerous times he doesn't wash his hands etc.. So I'd be paranoid also. He's an ignorant spreader.

  • Smellyy catt
    Smellyy catt

    B and K and G and G and J you guys are all awesommeeeee! Lots of love! Thanks for letting us all be apart of the fam!

  • ApatheticZodiac

    Happy New Year


    Yea its totally P.R. Tom is constantly surrounded by scientologists. Who follow, absolutely 1000% any demands he wants to a T. They are his minions, his keepers, ya know. Keep Tom happy or die basically. He has a group of them around him at all times! Even on his sets, theres obviously going to be contact w/other people around him that are not in the cult. But theres at least one of them w/ him at every given moment. Bcuz they fear someone will try to wake him up & get him to leave an abusive cult. Children have to work long hours illegallyw/ no issues. Imagine that? And all of his servants that are on call 24/7...they dont get paid! So Tom can pretend that he doesnt know these things about that church, but he does. So I know this is staged, bcuz if he even got a little upset...thats unacceptable. A big no-no. People would be tortured & then disappear. In every aspect of his waking life, all of those handlers are there to make sure something like this would NEVER ever happen. So fuck off Tom. Plz

    • mallexjansen

      @Christopher Blowers - yes, we know this, for years now. You think going on an incoherent rant is exposing anything? Dude is filming a movie that he produces. He wants it done lol.

    • Christopher Blowers
      Christopher Blowers

      @mallexjansen its all true Scientology is fuking evil

    • mallexjansen

      ....... you need psychiatric help.

  • Adam J
    Adam J

    Koloko Blade Running already .. lol I don’t think it was PR Tom Cruise was just passionate it wasn’t really a “blow up” he’s pissed an already struggling industry has to comply with a bunch of shit including him its just passion.

    • Allen Silva
      Allen Silva

      Compassion? Megalomaniacs like him, don't even know the meaning of the word.

    • Scott Sieg
      Scott Sieg


  • Jay C
    Jay C

    Lol someone needs to tell this guys you can get corona more then once. You dont become immune after getting it. This is why murrica has so many cases

    • Allen Silva
      Allen Silva

      @InfiniteNallidge whatever makes you feel better lol, but you should take it easy on the dime store medical advice...the supposed experts aren't that informed, and you should consider that b4 playing polly.

    • InfiniteNallidge

      @Allen Silva Sounds like either false negatives/positives due to way too high cycle thresholds on the PCR tests. You get a false negative go on your business then get tested again and this time due to you being a 'long hauler' or slow shedder meaning you have the virus still in your sinus but not enough of a viral load to be contagious to others. There haven't been documented cases of reinfection. Its an illusion due to the nature of Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Test cycle threshold. You run the mRNA too many times it will pick up if you had the virus in the past or currently have it in non contagious form.

    • Allen Silva
      Allen Silva

      @InfiniteNallidge for how long tho? What about all these different strains? I myself have covid for the 2nd time (no big deal either time) and my buddy in Germany has caught it 3 times.

    • InfiniteNallidge

      Wrong. Its Novel. You get it, you have the antibodies.

    • Zefver

      Who cares

  • buttbong

    I've seen andrew schulz a lot lately, and while he's great, he gets annoying after awhile. This is coming from a dude named buttbong who watches bobby lee every day. Andrew gets annoying.

    • Greg Babula
      Greg Babula

      @Nikhil Meel smart man

    • Adam

      @NoLMAOnade lol wow that's a bit harsh isn't it? What did he do to piss you off so much? I guess you'll be unfollowing every comedian worth their salt then, because everyone is fucking with him. ✌️

    • Adam

      @C Vandy I mean ....he is at the forefront of exclusively promoting through new-media and doing everything himself without relying on managers and agents. He started the whole trend of uploading every single set onto IRbin, whether it's trash or not, he uploads it and lets his fans decide. Now everyone is doing it

    • Nikhil Meel
      Nikhil Meel

      @BuckySwang You're like an incel who lives in IRbin comment sections watching videos of dudes he "can't stand"

    • Carlos Quintana
      Carlos Quintana

      I noticed that aswell. Just a matter of time before other people do to

  • Grrmtth Grrmtth
    Grrmtth Grrmtth