Bert Kreischer Accidently Created A Bird Murderer
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 286) -
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  • Jeff Perchinske
    Jeff Perchinske

    Usually, I don't find Bert funny or interesting, but this story was hilarious!

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony

    Bert revealed the Psychopath in that group of kids

  • Shrek2TheShrekkening

    i just realized bobby is gone for 5 fckn weeks😭😭😭 i hope he can at least make it in through a zoom call

    • Liam Morgans
      Liam Morgans

      Where is he?

  • Jack Graham
    Jack Graham

    How the fuck do I get this show off my notifications! Fucking hate Bobby Lee!

  • AholicKnight

    Good night 🌃😴


    Bird Chrysler

  • Immersive Person
    Immersive Person

    Did ya’ll paint the walls? Shits COLAHFUL

  • Juan Serrano
    Juan Serrano

    When I was like maybe 8-10 we went to visit family in Mexico and I shot a bird with a pellet rifle. Then my cousin and I went to retrieve it and we had a nice snack afterwards.

    • Ryan Anthony
      Ryan Anthony

      You ate the bird??

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz

    Bart ketchup dosent let no one talk ever 🤣😂

  • SunShine BANDiCOOT
    SunShine BANDiCOOT

    Dude shes so stupid lmao.

  • Will The Angry Dudeist
    Will The Angry Dudeist

    Bert "I don't f*ck with boys" Kreischer

    • Video Start Time Helper
      Video Start Time Helper

      I thought that was Chris D'Elia's nickname...

  • Dale Lane
    Dale Lane

    Sometimes you realise just how good that wonky little Korean guy is at this stuff.

  • BooM BooM
    BooM BooM

    RIP Bobby Lee 🙏

    • _iamSou

      @king shkoobz lol same.

    • king shkoobz
      king shkoobz

      Well u made me google it

    • _iamSou

      Ooo thats where Bobby's corner is. Lol.

    • _iamSou

      Wtf? Ooooo i c what ur doing.

    • SuperiorSpiderBoy

      Wtf don't even play like that

  • Loungewear

    Great clip George

  • Ennvoy

    Or a regular one 🤔

  • V I
    V I

    Berts sober mind has big coke head type ideas 😂

  • John Nada
    John Nada