Best of Erik Griffin on TigerBelly Part 1
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  • dylan white
    dylan white

    Erik over Andrew

  • DoubleDDaily

    Bobbys short jabs were better than eriks whole time insulting him. Bobby is on a diff level

  • Ceremony

    Man, this video makes me sad. This was the golden era of comedy when Comedy Store & Laugh Factory were still open. The top quality of comedians coming through & doing these kinda podcasts were insane. 2010-2019 was LA's best era.

  • kala kala
    kala kala

    When you're in line and you got to do s***. just do it don't argue you're just making everything worse you cox smokers

  • Michael Ruby
    Michael Ruby

    Watching Bobby Lee's soul getting crushed in real time is 😘👌


    LOL Erik tore into Bobby in the beginning

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Let this sink in Griff hasn't been on since August 15, 2019. WTF?! Come on George your better than this!

  • Doug Fisher
    Doug Fisher

    Bobby's face when Erik said all Koreans look the same. Literally the best part of this comp. 😂

    • Doug Fisher
      Doug Fisher

      After 2 decades of watching Bobby joking constantly, seeing him be serious for 2 seconds is still hilarious.

  • Ice Kold Killa
    Ice Kold Killa

    When it comes to governments not making sense, that's because you don't have all the details. Once you start reading the facts, it starts to make sense and you question shit they told you, regardless of what you end up believing. So it's never gonna be straight forward to the general public. That's the whole point. They tell you one thing but you see all the facts and it doesn't match but it makes sense when you see they aren't being 100% truthful or transparent.

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson

    Wow, smart man, not Bobby! He's 100% correct!

  • Anthony Wandowicz
    Anthony Wandowicz

    McCain created ISIS. Look it up

  • Kalel jordan
    Kalel jordan

    omg. eric and bobby should play "Rust" together. that would be absolutely hilarious to see them deal with the community with bobby freaking out in survival situations while eric is roasting random strangers that start shit with them

  • MightyBasedZao

    Erik in the first exposed how Bobby is just Khalyla BETA BUCKS lmao 😂

  • Eric Salazar
    Eric Salazar

    “Fat Lando” is such a classic line.

  • Andre 3st
    Andre 3st

    Best guest

  • mbolduc

    You seem like smart people, but your reaction to not understanding why people support Trump isn't to go find out why (which would take you about three hours of good faith research) but to decide that it's not worth knowing since those Other People aren't really people to you. Did you never once ask yourself "what if I'm wrong" in five fucking years? You were wrong. And finding out the truth, finally, is going to hurt like hell. It fucking should. And we won't forgive you.

  • Jalbatross

    Erik's take on the world politics is insanely naïve. Bobby at least makes a couple of good points.

  • tk fox30
    tk fox30

    I only watch to see bobby look and sound like an uneducated idiot. And he has never let me down.

  • jfoot81

    Good to see Disney using Erik Griffen on the poster of Soul

  • Cesar Acosta
    Cesar Acosta

    Griff is shaped like a teardrop

  • Oscar Elliott
    Oscar Elliott

    Huh never realised Erik Griffin was a moron

  • Richard Wollerman
    Richard Wollerman


  • Secondcitycmpunk

    Best line when Erik called Khalyla Yoko Ohno 🤣🤣

  • Julian Michael
    Julian Michael

    Iraq was revenge for Saddam trying to assassinate George Bush Senior back in the day. The WMD was bs.

  • Kraft Dinna
    Kraft Dinna

    Did the tigerbelly producer possibly post this because erik griffin is now becoming pretty hot on twitch? I'm sorry but yall treat erik like he's a piece of garbage.

  • Trumps Tiny Ass Hands
    Trumps Tiny Ass Hands

    Bruh I never realized Eric literally looks like a mr potato head 🤣

  • LeTelecaster

    I hate Erik griffin, I don’t think he’s funny at all. I must be alone

  • Ali Waris
    Ali Waris

    So everyone she dated b4 was boring?? 1) why the hell was you dating em? 2) you aren't exactly interesting yourself lady. 3) stop trying to make excuses for why u aren't a gold digger. Cos u obviously are.

    • Ali Waris
      Ali Waris

      @andy torres firstly nursing is a really hard job and nurses aren't exactly swimming in money. Also I think she qualified but only worked for a few months (you'd think she was a top doctor by the way she goes on)..and if your a gold digger be a gold digger but don't try convincing us u aren't. No ones buying it.

    • andy torres
      andy torres

      You do know she was a nurse b4 Bobby right? I don’t think she really needed the money

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob

    This guy looks like someone I once saw getting busy in a Burger King bathroom.

  • CezaMVO

    The dynamic between Bobby and Eric is my favorite

  • Dr. Remulack
    Dr. Remulack

    I’ve seen more Tiger Belly guest snacking in this 40 minutes than I have in the other 400 hours I’ve watched of this podcast.

  • Christian Figens
    Christian Figens

    Why are they acting like she is some extremely hot chick, when she clearly is not!?

    • Rasputin's Son
      Rasputin's Son

      I mean. Look at Bobby. Know what I mean

  • Hoganply

    Bobby pretending not to feel heartbroken from his shredded ego is horribly endearing.

  • Wing Zeng
    Wing Zeng

    I truly wish that Bobby and Erik did a podcast or Erik did a podcast with the tiger belly crew #scorpianlashes

  • Jessnutz87

    This is what Bad Friends should of been

  • Jelle

    cant wait for part 2

  • Blair B
    Blair B

    I'm happy Bobby is doing Bad Friends but I can't wait until these 2 finally do a weekly pod together.

    • Daniel Hernandez
      Daniel Hernandez

      I dont think they will

  • i. s. -
    i. s. -

    Merry Christmas!

  • Hara


  • LaddRusso91

    I just saw the movie Punchline and was surprised to see Erik in it

  • Marcos Santana
    Marcos Santana


  • Adrian Okojie
    Adrian Okojie

    Best guest

  • TheFishyBeats

    I hope this is a teaser that he’s coming back on. PLEASE!

  • Carlos Ivan Marquez
    Carlos Ivan Marquez

    Is Erik eating in all the clips?

  • ScrimHyphen

    More like 'Best of Tigerbelly'

  • Christo Fortune
    Christo Fortune

    Is there a best????? Really?

  • Izaak Piknjac Phillips
    Izaak Piknjac Phillips

    Eriks analogy for the difference between liberal and conservative ideologies was spot on

    • Aleks Marquez
      Aleks Marquez

      Kinda but the ideologies of both parties have change

  • justin crawford
    justin crawford

    Erik and Bobby are the shit hands down. Runner up is the red head kid


    Do a I'm gonna cry complication

  • justin crawford
    justin crawford

    Wait so everyone legit is eating ass ? I thought that was just a myth


    So bobby did the pod cast fot kaliha

  • Rafael Bouet Gabriel
    Rafael Bouet Gabriel

    For me his the best guest and then Andrew.. because the captain feels very comfortable around them. Lee's having a blast with them. They feel like family also

  • NathanExploshin

    Erik griffin is so wrong on the Middle East. Bobby was right that our response to 9/11 was over blown. Not only his points of using it as an excuse to further destabilize the Middle East to our gain, but our government used 9/11 as a reason for the Patriot Act. We already destabilize the Middle East in the 60’s that put into action these people who religiously radicalized those countries. This dismisses eriks narrative that the Middle East was already crazy before 9/11 and them being that way had nothing to do with us.

    • jeezuschryst

      @bob builder 1. What does slavery have to do with this conversation? 2. America still practices slavery

    • jeezuschryst

      that part hurt my brain. griff is a dingdong

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson

    I just realized Erik is like a passive aggressive Patrice

    • Anthony Wandowicz
      Anthony Wandowicz

      I don't think u know what passive aggressive means. Erik is assertive and direct which is the opposite of being passive aggressive

  • Adam Silva
    Adam Silva

    Erik is the whitest black dude, and turns on his blackness when trying to insult somebody or somethin. Hate when ppl do that shit

    • Adam Silva
      Adam Silva

      @Ancient Future yes, but it's like you're faking this persona which you're not, if you talk like a white person then stick to talking like that, it's like if someone says they are half German but you couldn't tell until he told you, then all of a sudden he starts speaking in a German accent.

    • Ancient Future
      Ancient Future

      🤔 Well he is mixed race and so he can decide which "persona" to put on when engaging in a certain manner.

  • TR33H3RD3R

    Where do you think isis came from you guys are on crack or something

  • DM

    @2:33 see how Bobby winks at Erik...

  • Jesse L
    Jesse L

    Riffin with Griffin!!🎵🎶

  • David Baer
    David Baer

    Erik not only requested this best of “clip segment” but edited it together and submitted it to bobby himself.

    • Hilton Klitzna
      Hilton Klitzna

      That sounds like the truth & I'm inclined to believe it

    • Charles Harding
      Charles Harding

      Dude Erik is the fucking man

    • Dem

      this is hilarious haha

    • Ivan Ontiveros
      Ivan Ontiveros


    • Icy Walrus
      Icy Walrus

      Trolling too hard, Griffins a good dude. You know PD made this.

  • Kelto Hansen
    Kelto Hansen

    Erik is brave as hell. I appreciate that.

  • CastlesForEyes

    Thanks for the laughs, thats a good compilation. Good to see Erik getting a little love. Sometimes get the feeling Bobby’s neglecting his ass

  • XR mighty
    XR mighty

    "9/11 was a doozy"

  • s

    Erik's chemistry with the whole crew is great

  • Steven Dileonardo
    Steven Dileonardo

    Eriks my fav character on Workaholics!

  • Steven Dileonardo
    Steven Dileonardo

    I love Erik!

  • Brian Carrillo
    Brian Carrillo

    The years almost up and still no special

    • xmike714x

      A good special doesn’t need to be rushed. Especially if it’s coming from the Slept King. Haha

  • Minker Minkley
    Minker Minkley

    i know its comedy but its a bit mean

  • Brian Carrillo
    Brian Carrillo

    Bobby where’s the special

  • Jake Cortez
    Jake Cortez

    Wow can we cancel Bobby this guys supports terrorists

  • Tito Agustiniano
    Tito Agustiniano

    So glad this is a video I always go back to see past erik videos

  • DTWD Gentry
    DTWD Gentry

    Erik Griffin looks a High School Principal

  • Randy

    Erik looks like Mr. Potato Head and it's freaking me out

  • RK Drama
    RK Drama

    Besides bobby and santino, erik and bobby are the second best team. Although I did love when bobby did 2 bears with tom

  • kmdan

    The best guest. He challanges Bobby, but still be funny, and truthful. A good friend.

  • Zak Shah
    Zak Shah

    14 minutes in, when Erik and Bobby start discussing the Iraq war, I'm legitimately impressed by Bobby's take, and how staunchly different Erik was. That was a great talk

    • Raw Guts
      Raw Guts

      @Kat Rabbit I agree. People still think that the United States isn't an Empire and sadly believe we're the good guys. Time will unmask the evils, sadly it's only time. Thousands of people dead in Iraq, countless of lives lost. Anyways, glad we can have a great laugh watching this Eril Griffith Comp! Thanks PD

    • Raw Guts
      Raw Guts

      @Hoganply You're actually misinformed. The U.S's role in the Middle east, specifically NATO is the reason why ISIS was created. The roots of ISIS come from the cold era Mujahideen rebels fighting the Afghanistan government that was allies with the Soviet Union. This ideology derives from mainly Saudi Arabia called "Wahhabism". Quoting the root, in 2018, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said, “The Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of Western countries asking Riyadh to help counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War,”. There's plenty of historical examples of destabilization efforts from the West not only in the Middle East but in other parts of the World. The reason behind this? I don't know. My best guest is global hegemony, control of resources, etc.

    • Kat Rabbit
      Kat Rabbit

      the Iraq war, just like the Korean War, Vietnam War, and many others were all plays by the west's governments to gain power in trade and property

    • Vito Marr
      Vito Marr

      @Hoganply wait till you find out who created osama

    • Hoganply

      To be fair, Erik was right. However dishonest or conceited the claims of the West were, ISIS-style Islamism was brewing long before the most recent destabilisations in the Middle East. Hell, forget mere destabilisation, innumerable Empires with unsavoury leaders have invaded and occupied parts of it since humans could form them. That European empires were most recently involved doesn't make their descendants responsible for radicalised agents who brutalise innocents, be they ours or their own.

  • Bitethe Book
    Bitethe Book

    Now we're in business with this 40 mins. Thanks guys.

  • Sebastian Tinajero
    Sebastian Tinajero

    Erik should just permanently join the bad friends podcast!!

  • Henry McCarty
    Henry McCarty

    I love eric

  • Scott McGoldrick
    Scott McGoldrick

    I love love that this is a 40 min clip!! Y'all spoiling us this Christmas 🥳🎄🥰

  • MrMoooCow4

    31:13 Erik: You just farted. Bobby: First of all it's a gas. I'm not gonna clutch it in and keep it in my body. Erik: Well, you keep everything else in that body. Your body is like a clutch purse. Erik with that quick zinger hahahah

  • ARKHAMxMaverick

    POS gang gang

  • XenoChrist

    I wouldn't be surprised if khalyla liked Bobby because he is like a disabled dog with money. But she helped him make probably more than double and made him audition

  • siddhant

    Erik's my fav guest on his podcast. Their friendship unique. They are tight.

    • marielle tan
      marielle tan

      Erik is the best. I still hope they'd make a podcast together someday

  • Get the dog 2.8 meterys
    Get the dog 2.8 meterys

    Nostros papaiya

  • Curtis Carter, Jr.
    Curtis Carter, Jr.

    Thumbnail is clutch

  • jeffrey crain
    jeffrey crain

    I thought it was book of Erik hahaahsh

  • J G
    J G

    Great clip

  • Mondeezul

    Hey its that one guy from Workaholics, Montez!!!

  • SaiyanLeague

    Always need some Erik

  • Craftmaster Z
    Craftmaster Z

    Please bring back Erik!

  • Evan Hoyt
    Evan Hoyt

    Erik is always a great guest!!

    • LeTelecaster

      Dude can’t stop eating

    • LeTelecaster

      Said nobody ever

  • Evan Hoyt
    Evan Hoyt

    Insert “Erik looks like he’s wearing the glasses and mustache disguise” comment


      U just did it

    • RocketPawnch

      Or Mr. Potato Head

    • Bitethe Book
      Bitethe Book

      @Twitter Fingers oooohhhhhhh.

    • Twitter Fingers
      Twitter Fingers

      Thats actually just an eric Halloween costume

    • Bitethe Book
      Bitethe Book

      How drunk are you phillies?

  • ProviderMusic

    Erik is one of the realest dudes in comedy

  • Broke Knock Life
    Broke Knock Life

    thank you lads and check out our pod, one day we will be on there!! LOVE YOU LADS

    • Broke Knock Life
      Broke Knock Life

      @Gulper im going to need you to calm down a bit my good ole lad

    • s

      @Gulper calm down lad

    • Gulper

      stop saying lads

    • Roland Special Sauce
      Roland Special Sauce

      Just kidding. You got this man!

    • Roland Special Sauce
      Roland Special Sauce

      No you won't

  • Wyatt Haynal
    Wyatt Haynal

    First, always. What’s up tigerbelly love yall