Bobby Lee and Khalyla Give Parenting Advice to George
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 288) -
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  • Liss cat
    Liss cat

    Yikes, people judging Khaylya for having an abortion. She isn't wrong about the rewards/yelling. Children exposed to constant yelling and arguing are at higher risk of developing not only psychological problems but physical ailments, too. (Hypertension, diseases associated with "stress", etc). If you want to go read more about this lookup ACE scale (Adverse Childhood Stress Scale) and I think NPR made a fun quiz you can try out if you wanna find out how much your upbringing could have screwed with your health.

  • thatguy 00
    thatguy 00

    I don’t think someone that’s had more than one abortion should be out here giving parenting advice.. but that’s just me

    • thatguy 00
      thatguy 00

      @Liss cat I’m not trying to debate you. It’s just ironic

    • Liss cat
      Liss cat

      @thatguy 00 The one garbage mother you know who had several abortions doesn't account for the rest of the responsible mothers who chose to delay pregnancy until they were ready to have a child. It's nothing but responsible, but you're always going to have bible belt thumpers thinking otherwise.

    • thatguy 00
      thatguy 00

      @jeezuschryst go to bed you bum

    • jeezuschryst

      @thatguy 00 You're the one talking in nonsensical absolutes. You're wrong.

    • thatguy 00
      thatguy 00

      @jeezuschryst I know terrible mother who have had several abortions. Uh oh disagreement. What will you ever do 😟

  • Disappointment Department
    Disappointment Department

    First wrong step is getting parenting advice online lol.

  • bensum9111

    I wouldn't take advice from two people that had the chance to have children and didn't.

  • dylan white
    dylan white

    Yeah I would definitely listen to two ppl who kills their kids

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li

    My baby is a dog

  • Filos

    Don't yell 😂😂😂😂 get the f$&@ out of here

  • Jeremiah Delacerda
    Jeremiah Delacerda

    my parents did that headphones on the tummy thing but im like failing all my classes so i dont know about that one bud

  • Berserk Maniac
    Berserk Maniac

    Who the fuck would take advice from people with 0 parenting experience

  • Arcanecide

    Ah yes, when people who aren't parents give you advice on how to be parents

  • G Gio
    G Gio

    Don't ever listen to Khalyla people....

    • Bryan Figueras
      Bryan Figueras


    • TJ Spader
      TJ Spader

      I laughed at the title. “2 people without kids give parenting advice”

  • Enigma 1
    Enigma 1

    I love how he doesn't even really react to the advice.

    • lucho paniagua
      lucho paniagua

      Yeah cause hes not gonna take it

  • Cassandra Kray
    Cassandra Kray

    Im a mother of 6. Four biological and two adopted. My best advice I can ever over stress and most important is from the moment you meet. just be loving, attentive and consistent in your care. By that I mean when your baby has a need, consistently and loving attend to them. Its the foundation of and building block of a healthy human being. This may seem dah to some but inconsistent parenting due to maternal distress is so destructive to an infant. Oh and smile, very important. Its bubs first cues to socialising. 1 more very important point. If and this does happen. If parenting doesn't match your expectations. Change your expectations and don't do what many have done before and label the child as the problem. My adoptive kids came from so much negative parenting its taken many years to re wire the dysfunction of another doing. They are awesome individuals now. Good luck its a privilege to raise a child.

  • Burnin In Texas
    Burnin In Texas

    I thought nothing really shocks me (seen some horrific sh*t), then I seen that baby get dunked... Lol I actually gasped and said out loud, "Ooo my god! grab that baby!"

    • Dijon


  • Chris Iacono
    Chris Iacono

    Funny they should give advice when we all know for sure Khalyla wont be having bobbys kids ... if she does ill eat my words and feces.

  • Che Romero
    Che Romero

    Spoken like a heartless cold queen.....that bathes in baby blood

  • Paul Fracassi
    Paul Fracassi

    First thing Bobby's gonna do with his baby is recreate the Nevermind album cover 🤣🤣🤣

    • Paul Fracassi
      Paul Fracassi

      @David Day Nah ... that would be Rudy using her Machete 🙄

    • David Day
      David Day

      And the In Utero album cover with Khalyla.

  • David Day
    David Day

    My advice: Let you kids see you enjoying life.

  • David Day
    David Day

    My dog is my baby.

  • Josh Ay
    Josh Ay

    My baby is my dog

    • TJ Spader
      TJ Spader

      Yeah but the love you have for a dog doesn’t even come close to the love that you have for your kids. I thought the same until i actually had kids lol