Bobby Lee and Khalyla Read Bobby's Journal From the Early Days
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 278) -

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  • Marquitos Pino
    Marquitos Pino

    Bobby needs to get this part copywriten ...... " HAHAHAHAHA! ..... FUCK YOU!!!!! ............. whenever someone throws a lil crack on you and laugh louder than the everyone in the room and then say, fuck you! Bobby is beat at that shit! That never gets old. HAHAHA!

  • RJ 35
    RJ 35

    Damn, Anna. The one that got away.

  • Nate Abel
    Nate Abel

    Amazing clip

  • Anojan L
    Anojan L

    Young Bobby is a fantastic writer, how introspective and poetic

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker

    Its heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.. Look at where little Bobo is now 👲😴🤴❤ And its fucking hilarious, obviously.. i didnt was at 2002 yet 🤣🤣

  • Mark

    $7000 a week holy shit bob

  • Omar Montes
    Omar Montes

    “Will I ever get good, at least I’m trying “

  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez

    Everyday our King Bobby wakes up, its a win for humanity

  • Vivien Martin
    Vivien Martin

    Omg I relate to this so much. I wish he would release the diary as some sort of book. The part with Anna destroyed my soul, I’m going through it now like Bobby was then...

  • Grynd Kommeted
    Grynd Kommeted

  • mikkel hansen
    mikkel hansen

    Serenity and tenderness of this beautiful moment was killed by reccomendation on the right - "Bobby Lee Poops In His Car Again!"

  • TheHehe1223

    Bobby has been an insecure comedian for over 25 years

  • Luna

    Dude, PUT THIS JOURNAL OUT AS A BOOK. (Ya leaving money on the table- "something Brendan Shaun would probably say") I would love to read this. Oh Bobby, you don't know the legend you are. I pray that everyone gives you flowers while you're alive. You're a legend

  • AndNoted

    Imagine how many episodes could be made just discussing Bobby's diary

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    Always get emotional watching his growth and maturity... I just recently discovered Tigerbelly a couple months ago but binged almost every episode. Love y’all!!!

  • Aaron Makaruk
    Aaron Makaruk

    Khalyla you're alright. The haters have the loudest voices sometimes, but we appreciate you.

    • Gulper

      Khalyla is a fuckin star and she's perfect for bobby. she made him who he is today.

  • somebodyonce toldme
    somebodyonce toldme

    lmfao!!!! so touching but then it turns bobby leeish

  • Stizzy Grayson
    Stizzy Grayson

    Anna simped him.

  • Dr. Woozie
    Dr. Woozie

    He was down bad in 1995

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi

    imagine bobby wrote the journal recently as a joke 🤣

    • Baby Jesus
      Baby Jesus

      Shadow play

    • Blazerfan 23
      Blazerfan 23

      I can actually see that happening 😂 and he just doesn’t tell them it’s a joke either

    • Holly Evans
      Holly Evans

      something he’d do tbh. he lies A LOT

  • ArabellaPoppy

    Get Anna on the podcast

  • Broke Frog
    Broke Frog

    LMAOO the look of bobs face @2:22

  • TG Jump
    TG Jump

    this kind of content separates you all from the others. i'm glad I'm here.

  • Conner Hale
    Conner Hale

    This podcast is literally part of my daily routine 😂 much love for the slept king

  • Roberto Concepcion
    Roberto Concepcion


  • Aeron Sumilong
    Aeron Sumilong

    Damn, I wasn’t even alive when he wrote that.

    • gri22ly100

      Same, I was -2

    • DefiedFaith

      lol I was 11 or 12 I think.

  • Chrisoliaa

    Is Bobby Jesus

  • Treavor Barnhart
    Treavor Barnhart

    such a good start to this year’s tigerbelly

  • Sukoiy

    This moment was so good❤️.

  • lucio demicco
    lucio demicco

    Bro I’ve loved this podcast for so long and this is legit my favorite moment ever. Idk why I’m like tearing up at the Anna part lol and idk it’s just strangely beautiful

  • raglandroad

    Bobby needs to sell that book.

  • Agua Loko
    Agua Loko

    I’m addicted to this podcast

    • anthony reyes
      anthony reyes

      Same bro