Bobby Lee Calls Out Gina Darling for Sniping in Warzone!
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 287) -
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  • TigerBellyClips

    What do you guys think about Sniping and Camping in Warzone?

    • Robert Pollock
      Robert Pollock

      @O Trupper on th

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      It's unethical

    • capatheist

      You prefer parachuting onto people while using a rocket launcher? There’s sniping, camping, running and gunning. Those are your options idiots. That’s what your playing

    • tbx123


    • Eric B.
      Eric B.

      Watch Dr. Disrespect's streams and you tell me what you think about sniping.

  • Dsihachack _
    Dsihachack _

    Bobby plays like everynight but he’s trash 😂lmaoo

  • hallowakers3d2y

    Who is she she is so cute

  • andres94303

    "I like really fast paced games....I'm usually a sniper." lol

  • jsalazar14

    I wanna play Cold War with you! It would be amazing

  • Christopher

    I don't even play CoD but she seems annoying

  • Graeker

    Bobby Lee the gamer geek... Just like me 🤣

  • Thomas Trevino
    Thomas Trevino

    gaming PCs with 3090 graphic cards aren't hard to find at all. there just expensive

  • Vortx

    When she says she is a sniper. Bobby’s reaction is priceless😂😂😂

  • LimitlessFES

    I rather get sniped than killed by a timmy camping a corner

  • Raptors19Tdot

    Oh my god dwag your a millionaire, how you game without getting the sickest setup man. You don't even have to do it, just pay origin or your local pc stores.

  • Frasereder236

    this random girl was the most boring episode in years

  • Nate Gomes
    Nate Gomes

    It’s what snake eyes would do. 💀. Holy shit I’m dead. My wife started laughing I was laughing so hard.

  • Nate Gomes
    Nate Gomes

    Bobby plz stream. We don’t care about the skill level. Ur just so entertaining. You’d make cake. And other streamers will carry you for wins. It’s a win win win.

  • A.J. G0ld3n
    A.J. G0ld3n

    bobby cant aim xD sounds about right.

  • yyaRayy

    Havent been able to die from a loadout in months. FAKENEWS

  • maljamin

    Did they end up playing together? Did anyone put it on yt?

  • raymond

    Bobby u cudnt get anyone else????

  • x213ERx

    Still waiting for the to upload the gameplay.

  • BiutifuSmaat

    so where do i watch the gameplay of this agreement?

  • Oscar

    I'm so jealous of her 3090... I've been looking for a 3080 since forever... love the vids!

  • capatheist

    “Memorising your environment and moving around it is a skill” Could that skill be used to say... know where in the environment a camper is and move to a place they can’t hit you?

  • Noah Acevedo
    Noah Acevedo

    Most beautiful Asian if seen in a while 😍

    • Bhishma Rai
      Bhishma Rai

      @Johan Smallberries 😆

    • Johan Smallberries
      Johan Smallberries

      Yeah, he’s at least top 3 for sure

  • Noah Acevedo
    Noah Acevedo

    Idk who this girl is but she’s bad af‼️🥵

  • Mrbeanzzz

    You’re trash at the game if you can’t use a sniper

  • Skye Paul
    Skye Paul

    Boob is a camper it's confirmed.

  • Camdensworld05

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Bobby is the only person in history of the world to find a beautiful, chill, down to earth, life partner...on Tinder.

  • Daniel Ferraro
    Daniel Ferraro

    Bobby’s being an aimbleist

  • Wai's World
    Wai's World

    Gina put uncle bobby on

  • AnimAlistic6

    George yelling out from the back room is so sad.

  • MattIsLoling

    i wish bobby played on pc, the field of view is way better than console just reach out to linus tech tips im sure he'd build you a pc for a collaboration video


    I snipe in moments that I need to snipe. It gives you a Tactical advantage when you are playing quads or trios when you are getting sniped by roof campers in hospital or downtown. Dropping one guy gives you and your team a moment to continue to run inside the circle. I’d love to play with you guys I’m 99 wins on verdansk with 1.5 kd and a 2.1 kd on rebirth with 30 wins! Let me know!

  • rock steady
    rock steady

    Its like metal guild solid,its what snake eyes would do", lololo

  • Dtx. Brian
    Dtx. Brian

    Camping mfs make it not fun

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres

    Good sniper doesn’t have to camp runs a mid to long range AR or LMG and runs around wit a sniper on there back


    I want Bobby to stream warzone PLEEEEEASE

  • Opochtli

    This was a great podcast

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young

    All snipers are the devil

  • Barron Hollon
    Barron Hollon

    Dude being a good sniper is way harder than what Bobby and his crew does 😂

    • Oparei

      With a M & K? 😂

  • Dustyrabit Dustyrabit
    Dustyrabit Dustyrabit

    “ I like fast paced games” *camps for 2 hours “ iM sNiPiNg

    • Sonia Tellez
      Sonia Tellez


  • Scotty Blaise
    Scotty Blaise

    I had a girlfriend like her. Always talked like she was amazed I didn’t know what she was talking about even though she wasn’t saying much, or had that constant quirky smile like she knew a secret. It ended quickly

    • Giovanni Collazo-Cruz
      Giovanni Collazo-Cruz


  • Devan Rose
    Devan Rose

    Says she likes fast paced games but hasn't played the small, fast paced rebirth island, hmmm

  • The Blackfoot Sicilian
    The Blackfoot Sicilian

    youre both playing scared so what does it matter? also when she said she enjoyed fast pace games then saod shes a sniper...lmao

    • Chengyboy 99
      Chengyboy 99

      @kickinon not even relevant lol plus CS and valorant can be a lot of angle holding so it’s not fast paced like he said

    • The Blackfoot Sicilian
      The Blackfoot Sicilian

      @kickinon im not disagreeing with you, i just dont see what that has to do with what i said lol

    • kickinon

      snipers are in valorant, csgo... the most competitive shooters out. also the most important person on a team :)

  • Juaquiee

    I don't think Bobby doesn't want to have a PC setup I think it's Khalyla who doesn't want to lol. Look at her face during the conversation. That's respectable Bobby don't want no trouble

    • MJA

      Can you imagine Bobby building or maintaining a custom gaming PC?

  • Nik Filion
    Nik Filion

    Yoooo ask Kalyla to react to the philipino superstar Ez Mil panalo we wanna watch that shit

  • LittleLargeMouth

    Oh yeah?

  • One nacho 123
    One nacho 123

    It’s a crime that Bobby doesn’t stream... he would make BANK on twitch!!!!!!!!

    • Julian Marquez
      Julian Marquez

      For real. George, you seeing this?

  • Dave Sproles
    Dave Sproles

    Thanks for this I know who to completely avoid watching ..... Who ever that girl is, she's annoying as hell for some reason

  • El Accountable Eye See Us
    El Accountable Eye See Us

    Rebirth is better than Battle Royal

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Is sniping people while I'm free diving camping?

  • bucket head
    bucket head

    Bobby is a gaming purest, he doesn't need a fucking 3 thousand dollar graphics card with flashy neon lights to enjoy call of duty with his brother.

    • Evan Williams
      Evan Williams

      @majikjuggalo facts he's spent like 800 bucks on wz skins lmao

    • Daniel Nguyen
      Daniel Nguyen

      graphics cards actually runs for 800+, it’s just scalpers that resell for absurd prices

    • majikjuggalo

      He’ll just spend thousands on something that you can’t hold or resell.

    • TheGlizz

      Lol and nobodys knows her 😂 cool lights doesnt make u good

    • Park

      he worked hard for his money he can do what he wants with it

  • Jerrad Van
    Jerrad Van

    Bobby’s girl is real excited about him hooking up

  • pos123

    Hilarious. Basically Bobby Steve and Griffin are below average players and Gina isn't 🤣

  • Josh M . S .
    Josh M . S .

    Sum bout this girl annoying af

  • Richard Becerra
    Richard Becerra

    Dude she's fuckin gorgeous

    • acostalot

      @Richard Becerra she just got the clap from an old BF. I would wait until after she's clean, big dawg.

    • Richard Becerra
      Richard Becerra

      This chick is a dream

  • Alexis Dieguez
    Alexis Dieguez


  • Jim Herbbeer
    Jim Herbbeer

    The load out landed on him and killed him?! LMAO where I have to see this

    • South Nashville
      South Nashville

      Its on The youtube channel Dylan Fujioka

  • TheManNamedPaolo

    Bobby and his crew pitching a tent and singing kumbayas in a dark corner: "Sniping's for pussies"

  • daniel martinez
    daniel martinez

    Damn she is cute .

  • Myrna Rivera
    Myrna Rivera

    Liked your vid! 😆 You should for sure connect with Bad Friends. Their vlogs low-key are like Logan Paul mixed with Faze Clan. Theyre the funniest team of friends in America and they always vlog in every vid. Go see their channel out and give the guys a subscribe! 👉 #5StarBadFriends

  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _

    Snipers are 🐱 💯

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee

    Campers never wanted ever since counter strike

  • Diogenes

    She’s so ducking right. Bobby is the worst kind of camper 😂

  • M G
    M G

    sniping is literally camping for hypocrites

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull

    If there was friendly fire in Warzone, Bobby and Steve would be screwed. Literally every game they camp, wait for someone to walkthrough a door then fire RPGs directly at the ground 😂

    • Said Esa
      Said Esa


    • Guitarisforgrins

      It's called being a gentleman

  • Doug S Otto
    Doug S Otto

    She is hot and can play how she wants as in Bobby can play how he wants.

  • One Two
    One Two

    Bobby needs to get a proper PC and start streaming. PCMR

  • 5thGen

    Bobby needs to stop showing that potato gaming setup!

  • Nammis

    Xbox rules the world. I wanna play with Warzone with you.

  • Darrell Williams
    Darrell Williams

    In a battle Royale, ofcourse I'm gonna camp. Wait till the herd is thinned out.

    • Diogenes

      That’s like the only way to win these games. Camp and run for 40 mins. I miss battlefield 1

  • Ian Thistle
    Ian Thistle

    You guys camp in literally every video Steve puts on IRbin lol

    • Joshh Ponce
      Joshh Ponce

      If they didn't they prolly would win as much but tbh in real life camping is kinda smart

    • Dsihachack _
      Dsihachack _

      They are bots lmaoo love it

    • x213ERx

      @BoviceSON! who’s is 0.11

    • Gene Cheeseman
      Gene Cheeseman


    • George

      That’s how to play

  • Suhh_Drew

    I need Bobby Lee to build his own computer, but no one help him pick his parts.

    • Benny jetsaroundtheworld
      Benny jetsaroundtheworld

      Wait u guys can find gpus lmfao

    • Jeffro Weinstein
      Jeffro Weinstein

      No parts to pick

    • Percules

      He would burn his house down

    • Suhh_Drew

      @Ki Ki gotta agree, who was i kidding?

    • DoubleDipYT

      @What a guy pre built nowadays is more practical

  • Dr. Steve Brule
    Dr. Steve Brule

    I’ve never heard of Gina Darling but she seems very unlikeable just from this clip

    • pos123

      That's a shame, she's great but she's laughing at how bad Bobby is considering he's 'addicted' to video games.

    • flower fleur
      flower fleur

      How? Y’all are weird.

    • Blingchachink


  • truhhhhhhhokIII3

    Snipers and campers are the exact same thing lol

    • Jordan McIntosh
      Jordan McIntosh

      I've seen people get 40ish kills on Nuketown quickscoping. No camping involved.

  • Chyi2990

    Bobby Lee I'm proud of you my Korean little brother

    • George

      @Alexis Dieguez and your a sad pitiful person with no drive or go, sure ya parents are proud that’s if there still around n ain’t have up on you, be a better person loser

    • Alexis Dieguez
      Alexis Dieguez

      Your a nobody

    • Eraser Traceur
      Eraser Traceur

      Kam ham sam ni da

  • wreckedlolz

    Team Bobby she says fast pace but Verdansk is slow Rebirth is fast and the better map. And from the stream Bobby is better despite her using pc. Ggs slept king

  • firdaus125

    Who the fk is this lady

  • A C.
    A C.

    PD get Bobby to start streaming warzone thousands of us will watch.

    • Johan Smallberries
      Johan Smallberries

      Bobby probably has no idea how much he’d make streaming.

    • Theo Ruiz
      Theo Ruiz

      @Justin Vien exactly

    • Justin Vien
      Justin Vien

      You can see his warzone streams on his brother's channel.

    • Beetlejuice KO KING
      Beetlejuice KO KING

      Bobby specifically said video games are his relaxing time lol

  • MachSea

    Don't brag about your damage/kills if you snipe. You're a wussy.... (I have been known to use to use Aug/Kar98, so don't get triggered).

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi

    RPG at point blank range vs Snipers 🤣

  • G D
    G D

    the war zone conversations are some of the most boring and skippable in the podcast. Too many of us can't relate.


      I love it

    • DEBAL

      Doubt it. Most people nowadays play games. I don't even play battle royal games but I still understand what theyre talking about.

    • G D
      G D

      ^ hehehe predictable responses from people

    • One Two
      One Two

      You did a survey? Stop talking out your ass.

    • Darrell Williams
      Darrell Williams

      So go play the game so you can relate lol

  • Benny S
    Benny S

    Metal gear solid snake eyes

    • Carlos Gonzalez
      Carlos Gonzalez

      aw yes my favorite character, second to Large Manager

  • Jack Horseman
    Jack Horseman

    Slept King is POGGG

  • KingNizza

    Silly Billies PLEASE squad up with Gina. Dylan, Bobby, Steebee, and Gina

  • KingNizza

    Please please please get Steebee Weebee and Erik Griffin in a warzone yalk with Bobby and Gina

  • V I
    V I

    Who’s the R word that can’t spell?

  • nawls one
    nawls one

    hell yeah bro

  • Jonathan Santos
    Jonathan Santos