Bobby Lee Crashes Bloodbath With Disgusting Durian
Clip from BloodBath Ep. 2:
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  • Joseph Ehrenpreis
    Joseph Ehrenpreis

    Don't touch me while I'm describing

  • theshriekinghominin

    As a Filipino, Khalyla disappoints me.

  • Ralphfili

    There must be some kind of genetic component to durian favorability. I love it and don't mind the smell at all.

  • nuck

    annie has my respect

  • Nathan Fantauzza
    Nathan Fantauzza

    Annie, we the Asian community would like to make you an honorary Asian. Welcome.

  • Elysian Tattoo Travel
    Elysian Tattoo Travel

    Hang on... she smells it,eats it...and doesn't react???? How sway!????

  • Terence Aaron
    Terence Aaron

    Once you get use to the smell, it tastes like custard! It's not that bad.

  • zzz immune
    zzz immune

    Annie a real one

  • Heso Melo
    Heso Melo

    That blonde chick sounds like that girl from that 70’s show the tall one

  • Sal A
    Sal A

    i hope bobby does this to Andrew and rudy on bad friends

  • brrr

    durian is actually good tbh 😅

  • adreamingwolf

    Annie is the shit. Hope she comes back to the podcast soon.

  • N

    Annie is a beast in the best way possible.

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee

    Annie is a beast!

  • Mo Vo
    Mo Vo


  • Aeron Sumilong
    Aeron Sumilong

    annie is a champ. now I wanna taste durian

  • Android_Z

    Try stinky tofu.

  • HiveRobot

    White people win again!

  • Andrew Hogan
    Andrew Hogan

    Annie’s from Philly of course she likes garbage

  • Ampfu

    Damn Khalyla let a white girl out Asian her...shame!!!

  • jesse yeagle
    jesse yeagle

    "This is what comes out of Joey Diaz's dick" that fucking sent me hahahahaha!

  • jesse yeagle
    jesse yeagle

    Annie's a savage lol!

  • s a
    s a

    I love that blonde girl

  • Charles Black
    Charles Black

    As a Facts/Try channel fan, I've known of the terror that is Durian.

  • El Chakas
    El Chakas

    It comes out of Joey Diaz D... 😂😂😂😂


    This fruit is a cancer killer. I am not being funny. .


    There's 3 kinds of girls 3:08 3:54 2:35 If ya know what i mean

  • Jose Molina
    Jose Molina

    Big crush on Annie

  • D Exo
    D Exo

    If I remember correctly from silent library. This is the stinkiest fruit in the word

  • The New Firebirds
    The New Firebirds

    now I like Annie more ❤️

  • Sausage McMuffin
    Sausage McMuffin

    stuff smells like cat piss

  • Mike

    "once a year my people have new year" bobby you aren't chinese

  • drotheill

    Props to Annie for just immediately going after that thing lol.

  • Rachel Highfill
    Rachel Highfill

    Your podcast is trash you look like your in jail or your just crazy ppl

  • Rachel Highfill
    Rachel Highfill

    Good luck with that really smart and funny podcast bloodbath I'm sure it will be a hit

  • J. Lopez
    J. Lopez


  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I remember seeing a Jean Claude Van Damme movie where he smashes a bad guy in the face with a durian.

  • Eddie Lo
    Eddie Lo

    You know who i just realized Annie Lederman sounds like? scarlett Johansson!

    • Ralphfili

      She's been getting the Scarlett and Laura Prepon comparisons for years, for both looks and voice.

  • lunaticcycle1300

    Bobby Lee “this is what comes out of Joey diaz’s dick”. Amazing Bobby

  • cori

    Bobby is so racist that *he* thinks he's Chinese

  • J C
    J C

    Annie been homeless before


    Annie is a proper savage. Respect.

  • Panthera leo
    Panthera leo

    I’m trying to test yourselves every show but still keep your distance ? I can’t decide if this is just bullshit over kill for your show or are you guys really this naive ?

  • Dane Battaglia
    Dane Battaglia

    How many times has Bobby ran into the glass?

  • E B
    E B

    This is too socially distant... right?!? Like just zoom it from the house.


    Pinche Bobby

  • Bill Stevenson
    Bill Stevenson

    Bobby love the tuque!

  • Jamie Sucie
    Jamie Sucie

    This was just as funny as The Try Channel’s Durian fruit taste testing episodes

  • Stallion801

    If it tastes that bad it must be good for you!

  • Aleksi Suuronen
    Aleksi Suuronen

    I ate one in Thailand, didn't like it either. I actually tought that the first one might have been bad so I bought another one and it was just the same.

    • Aleksi Suuronen
      Aleksi Suuronen

      @Amalay Channel I think it wasn't hard but it was some years ago tho 🤔

    • Amalay Channel
      Amalay Channel

      Did u have the hard one or the ripe one?

  • Yojimbro71


  • Drown Me Out
    Drown Me Out

    Korean man celebrates Chinese new year by eating Filipino fruit

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown

    Cut George’s damn mic.. annoying af

  • Joe mores
    Joe mores

    Bobby killed with this is what comes out of Joey Diaz sukalamink

  • Wilson Lee
    Wilson Lee

    Smells like a grocery store produce dumpster but taste like heaven.

  • Cereal Box Toy Knives
    Cereal Box Toy Knives

    Annie is the best! It does taste garlicy

  • What, me worry?
    What, me worry?

    So weird that Annie would have such a polar opposite reaction.

    • LemonNation

      If you can't smell the foulness of it, it's actually quite sweet and has a nice texture to it. Most people just have a problem with it tasting like gasoline mixed with poo.

    • Aleksi Suuronen
      Aleksi Suuronen

      Many people seem to actually like it. Everywhere it said to try Durian when I was finding stuff to do in Thailand.

  • Magnus McCloud
    Magnus McCloud

    Annie is definitely my type of girl.

    • Magnus McCloud
      Magnus McCloud


  • Skyler

    Not surprised at all that Esther hated it, but extremely surprised by Khalyla having that reaction when she usually can take so much. She eats Balut for god sake so this Durian must be so bad.

    • Brent Florine
      Brent Florine

      @Kho Zyyy

    • Kho Zyyy
      Kho Zyyy

      What is balut?

  • Brent Simpson
    Brent Simpson

    They're little trick to try and lure more fans by having bobby stop in but honestly, her taking over togerbelly and starting another podcast shows that the Philippines sneak is in affect and he will soon be pushed aside. I liked her until the past year or so when I saw the signs and heard the grimey things shes done to people including bobby.

  • Frasereder236

    annie is so hot

  • 0nslaught2383

    So Koreans in Poway have their own New Years that eats South East Asian fruit? Unthinkable

  • Autumnticity

    The thumbnail lmao

  • Jaysus777Live

    LMFAO this is so good

  • Charith Mettananda
    Charith Mettananda

    Durian is the best. I eat it until I feel sick. I nap. And I eat again

  • Jesse Bedolla
    Jesse Bedolla

    Going way overboard with the plexiglass

  • skip slick
    skip slick

    Durian isn't disgusting though... its actually good just smells a little bad


    I love love love durian



  • Gian San Juan
    Gian San Juan

    This is one of the hardest things to eat for me. I can't believe she just smelled and ate that so quickly. Probably just to spite Bobby.

  • zTopz

    I like the attitude of the blond

  • Goth Elvis
    Goth Elvis

    These women look less advertising than the food

  • mexguit

    Wtf, durian is not supposed to smell bad and tastes sweet...there must’ve been something wrong with that one.

  • TheRudeOne

    Damn! Is that Hun-durian food?

  • LoveIsTheSolution

    Annie’s a keeper for sure.

  • red snflr
    red snflr

    the taste is amazing, so creamy and not too sweet

  • Oggydogg 313
    Oggydogg 313

    Can't fuck with hollywood Bobby anymore..


    Omg Annie is a trooper!!!

  • Claudio Starri
    Claudio Starri

    Bobby we NEED you to finally do your Special 👊🏼

  • banchik

    That’s the king of fruit. I have durian trees.

  • khang trịnh
    khang trịnh

    bruh uncultured

  • Ricky Payne
    Ricky Payne

    Bobby lee spices up the boring podcast ever.

  • You Should Do a Podcast
    You Should Do a Podcast

    this was hilarious..Is Annie interested in short guys

  • Nicholas Percoskie
    Nicholas Percoskie

    I think they need more covid safety

  • QWEN

    Damn Iayno Esther was thicq like that

  • Roywarddd

    get closer to the mic bobby!

  • HeavyD77712

    Who owns the studio dr fauci? Christ, talk about overkill.

  • gushittingswitches

    “this is what comes out joey diaz dick” lol

  • Delaney Elliott
    Delaney Elliott

    This is becoming the best show. Other girls have shows but these girls are the funniest period.

  • Zac

    Love this podcast Ani and Khalyla fuckin rock

  • Udaya Tenneti
    Udaya Tenneti

    Haha Annie is the best

  • j4ck rock
    j4ck rock

    The most overhyped food in existence. It's not bad at all. People just hear "Durian is gross" and automatically act like that's the way it should be. The majority of people on the most populous continent in the world enjoy it because it's good.

  • Shrute Farms
    Shrute Farms

    Anne for the win🙌🙌⭐️

  • ihatecalamares

    I like Durian candy but even those still smell quite a bit. Annie is awesome.

  • trevor elliott
    trevor elliott

    Annie just single handedly got me to watch more of these

  • Joe Diaz
    Joe Diaz

    What is the point of the glass barricades? We all know they walk out of that room once the cameras are off and kick it raw faced.

    • general lobster
      general lobster

      Image is everything in Hollywood

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc

    Why do you have it;)

  • carl

    it's not that bad...

  • DoLo.503

    Annie has corona and couldnt smell or taste it

    • Jukaizek

      oh no😭😭😂

  • Mortimer Faharter
    Mortimer Faharter

    I hear George's voice...... instant rage

    • Vincent


    • cynical

      why you guys gotta hate on george? lmaoo.

    • Travis

      I honestly wonder why he is always around. He even goes with bobby to other people's podcasts and just sits in the waiting rooms