Bobby Lee Is Serious About Getting Cosmetic Surgery
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 95) -
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  • KristianH1986

    People do use rogaine on their face and it does work. You use the active ingredient in rogaine called minoxidil, and it takes around 2 years for the hairs to become terminal (or vellus, I always forget which is which) Derma rolling can also help speed up the process along with biotin.

  • Emily Silver
    Emily Silver

    “How about u put some teeth on you before we put some beard on you” so funny.

  • Grimm Wicked
    Grimm Wicked

    It's so much maintenance.

  • Grimm Wicked
    Grimm Wicked

    And eating is such a chore I absolutely hate eating cereal soup or anything with liquid in the bowl because I like to drink the soup and it's going to almost every time get in my mustache and beard hair and I hate it. Everytime. 99% of foods are okay except those with liquid in them that you may have to drink and slurp later unless you're some boring fart who doesn't drink his milk after eating his cereal 🥣😂

  • Grimm Wicked
    Grimm Wicked

    I feel pretty proud about the beard I've been able to grow over my lifetime but Bobby has no idea of how many issues it causes. always wanting shave it but too lazy because it's such a long process you got things to do so much hair everywhere.

  • Luis Navarrete
    Luis Navarrete

    He can audition for Park Bun Young

  • Kavan Bahrami
    Kavan Bahrami

    shaving is lame.. not menstrual cramps lame, but pretty lame.

  • Mike's Vintage Vinyl
    Mike's Vintage Vinyl

    Beard implants??? WTF is wrong with people.

  • watchNcarry

    The difference between Gilbert's "tummy tuck" and George's "beard" comment, is the difference between an idiot and someone who's observant

  • LittleLargeMouth

    We won’t forget

  • Francis Lee
    Francis Lee

    Bobby lee will be the Michael jackson of Asians.

  • candidfellow

    He looks like that big Korean guy doing those mukbang videos when he was big and then lost some 100lb+

  • Charlie Rudd
    Charlie Rudd

    Search minoxidil beard transformation you can literally use rogain on your face and it works takes like a half a year though bit when you stop it stays

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan

    **watching video cross eyed.**

  • Aaron Grey
    Aaron Grey

    Fu Man Chu complex....

  • goober user
    goober user

    thought it was gonna be penis enlargement surgery

  • Kris M
    Kris M

    You're crazy.

  • D L
    D L

    Love Gilbert's "....tummy tuck?" Lmao a little truth slipped through

  • BestVidsNow

    Bobby please consider getting plasty and a haircut to become a Kim Jong Un stunt double

  • Swires alias Ognash
    Swires alias Ognash

  • AJ

    “Ollie oop” Gilberrrtttttt 😐😐

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Why doesn’t he just use minoxidil?

    • Rich Piana’s oil pump
      Rich Piana’s oil pump

      Doesn’t work that well. Water retention sides. Blood pressure sides that could interact with his blood pressure medication.

  • 2021-Carson Codiga
    2021-Carson Codiga


  • Bury Your Draws
    Bury Your Draws

    Khalyla is clearly concerned that she'll be the one who has to clean all the food out of Bobby's beard

  • ATM

    Is that brad Pitt?

  • Ken W
    Ken W

    Tummy tuck??? 😂😂🤣

  • NYC 999
    NYC 999

    Korean Viking........

  • Aaron Makaruk
    Aaron Makaruk

    That three girl show without bobby was unwatchable.

    • Vivien Martin
      Vivien Martin

      @Aaron Makaruk they weren’t shitting on him the whole time wtf. And since when did that even matter, Bobby’s best friends always shot on him during the pod, that’s what makes it funny. I like the podcast with Bobby more too obviously but the sexist undertones ain’t it chief

    • Aaron Makaruk
      Aaron Makaruk

      @Vivien Martin Because I love Bobby and the gang and gave it a shot. It just felt like they shit on Bobby the whole time.

    • Gregg Fowl
      Gregg Fowl

      @Vivien Martin he wouldn't know how bad it was without watching it would he??

    • 100dblock

      Preach my brotha. If Bobby ain’t there I don’t want it

    • Vivien Martin
      Vivien Martin

      Then why did you watch it...

  • Michael chase
    Michael chase

    Small bunyun

  • GAMEBRED S14-Zo6
    GAMEBRED S14-Zo6

    I don't think any amount of surgery could make Bobby even mildly attractive

  • frunkiss

    a x e

  • Berkin Kurtoglu
    Berkin Kurtoglu

    Do it Tito Bobby you will love it

  • Not A Youtuber
    Not A Youtuber

    Yes‼️ just saw dis in a Bobby lee funniest man alive montage n wanted da whole clip

  • Offmy Meds
    Offmy Meds

    I.dont know about bobby playing paul bunyan. I.see him as more of a Johnny appleseed.

  • tragiik805

    I couldn't imagine Bobby with a beard 😂

    • Creezus -
      Creezus -

      Bon S jesus dude

    • Bon S
      Bon S

      Korean with beard = Genghis Khan lol

  • tragiik805

    She swears she knows about men's facial hair , taking care of a beard really isn't that hard

    • Christine Voigtsberger
      Christine Voigtsberger

      She knows Bobby. He’ll make it look hard.

  • John Wing
    John Wing


  • Jason Brittain
    Jason Brittain

    Get a new Peter 🍆

  • Scott Waddington
    Scott Waddington

    They could make him look like rob Schneider.

    • Jordan McIntosh
      Jordan McIntosh

      In "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"

  • Vincent Cirillo
    Vincent Cirillo

    bobby would look badass

  • Marcos Santana
    Marcos Santana

    DON'T DO IT!

  • 4martch

    "Why don't you get your teeth fixed first" crazy

    • 4martch

      @Blazerfan 23 really he has to with his front teeth that's impressive

    • Demonic

      The fact that this woman has like no problems with Bobby’s mind blowing lack of personal hygiene is extremely awesome and extremely concerning to me. The man has rotting teeth and instead of fixing that so his breath doesn’t kill her when they make out he wants a fake patchy beard. God bless you both.

    • 4martch

      @Blazerfan 23 lol

    • Blazerfan 23
      Blazerfan 23

      Well I mean he’s talked about his rotting teeth and how he has to eat meat with his front teeth lol. I thought it was a good suggestion

    • Roland Special Sauce
      Roland Special Sauce

      Well he has a bunch of rotten teeth.

  • Wyatt Haynal
    Wyatt Haynal

    First what’s up tb

  • Oliver Spackman
    Oliver Spackman

    First baby

    • Oliver Spackman
      Oliver Spackman


    • my cock is tiny but,
      my cock is tiny but,

      First adult

  • Oliver Spackman
    Oliver Spackman