Bobby Lee Is the Most Dangerous Type of Friend
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 281) -
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  • Jerry Moo
    Jerry Moo

    Didn’t Bobby just said in bad friends that he wasn’t a rat lol

  • Ryan Klute
    Ryan Klute

    She wants Theo

  • William Huffaker
    William Huffaker

    You mean he's a........ bad friend.

  • Noire Parchment
    Noire Parchment

    Btw that's not a real friendship if you wave your leverage you have over that person. Or passive aggressively threaten someone with information. Their really more acquaintances than true friends. But I digress great pod lol

    • Maxx Yang
      Maxx Yang

      In a normal person relationship yes. This is Bobby Lee however

    • LuckyBuckshot

      Shut up ”Nick”

  • Mr. TheKidd
    Mr. TheKidd

    ...Pauly Shore said...."This Ain't No Studio...It's A Fucking Garage". Lol.LMAO....BAHahahahahahaaaaa

  • ramdam974

    I honestly think that would be the number one reason why the major studios won't put him in big movies or project. With all the things he already said on podcasts anyone on the internet could try to "cancel" the project he's in. They would have to cut him from it in order to not lose money on bad publicity because someone got offended.

  • Kenjiro5775

    Not for folks who know how to remain just beyond arm's reach.

  • BWAK 13
    BWAK 13

    Gossiper, not grasshopper

  • Zac

    If Bobby and Khalila ever break up I'm on her side lol

  • Terra Firma
    Terra Firma

    I've been gone for a bit; where did Bobby go, or did he keep it quiet

    • Jodi B
      Jodi B

      @Terra Firma No worries, didn't want to to worry. Everythings all good with him :)

    • Terra Firma
      Terra Firma

      @Jodi B Oh okay; thank you

    • Jodi B
      Jodi B

      He went to Hawaii for work and missed the last podcast. Khalila and some friends recorded it.

  • Kevin Arango
    Kevin Arango

    Bobby lee is asian

    • the triangle
      the triangle

      To us blacks all Asians are Chinese

    • Rachel Aldrich
      Rachel Aldrich

      Stop spreading those rumors around

    • Gravey Man
      Gravey Man

      I thought he was Korean

    • SkiLLzHND

      And all this time I thought he was just racist

    • r m
      r m


  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell


    • oldbay2

      U beat me ! Lol