Bobby Lee Proves He Is Not Dumb With Stardew Valley
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 276) -
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  • Kinko

    I love that he talks so much about Stardew valley it really shows how much he loves the game. As a player myself only getting to year two I really like the game. Ans ironically i got a bit stressed to do all the stuff I want in the game under like one day. But I really like Stardew valley. And when he talked about Stardew valley it supports the game in a way because he makes other people inspired to play it when he talked about how great it is.

  • Ali Waris
    Ali Waris

    Khalyla always laughs at him if he mispeaks or doesn't no something...she's a knob head

  • 360lympia

    Bobby needs to upload live commentary gameplay


    Don't goldfish have really good memory?

  • Joshua Hildebrand
    Joshua Hildebrand

    I just started playing Stardew. It’s so good!

  • Kho Zyyy
    Kho Zyyy

    I just got Stardew valley , and I suck at it lol

  • L42 Nosnibor
    L42 Nosnibor

    I both hate and love Bobby Lee

  • C- Lo
    C- Lo a dumdum...Shafir is obviously projecting..have you seen that mutant lol.

  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson

    For fucks sake just stream you fucking playing stardew valley or any game. Quit leaving money on the table and entertain us pleaseeee. Much love from a fan of everything Bobby Lee.

  • Gdub 2333
    Gdub 2333

    Omg Bobby’s depressed news flash

  • LeTelecaster


  • Robin Adelmann
    Robin Adelmann

    I saw Stardew Valley and clicked!

  • weezer_fan

    The funniest person in the room is often one of the smartest people in the room. Bobby may not be as knowledgeable in the subjects we associate with intelligence and as a result he often comes across as uninformed. However, he is clearly a comedy genius and his sense of humor is a sign of a superior wit.


    Wow, you guys hate Trump, original.

  • Owe T
    Owe T

    Book smart vs Street smart

  • The Bologna Virus
    The Bologna Virus

    Kalayla needs a psychiatrist unfortunately she lives in a age where people like her are celebrities lol

  • E 2112
    E 2112

    Anyone else with me on this point: Ari is a piece of shit for the way he treated bobby and for beating him up those times. Every time I hear his name I think ....fuck that guy.

  • s

    if anyone hasn't played stardew valley you can get it on almost everything including switch and on your phone its really fun.

  • Lamj Drawdade
    Lamj Drawdade

    500x hard woood fo you

  • Alec Tafoya
    Alec Tafoya

    Im here for stardew Valley! Oh and for the nosotros papaya

  • A.J. G0ld3n
    A.J. G0ld3n

    Bobby's laugh is like medicine for me in this dark time we live in.

  • John Parker
    John Parker

    So Khalyla doesn't like balls but her eyes sure lit up when hardwood was mentioned... Just saying.

  • tLR-

    New 1.5 update is out!

  • Phantasm Art
    Phantasm Art

    I just bought this game because Bobby liked it so much. Its pretty fun. I don't like having to only save by going to bed. But I like it. It was $4 on the play store the othet day. Better than $15 on the switch

  • Al Wolf
    Al Wolf

    Bob's dumb, so what?

  • Erič Wålkəř
    Erič Wålkəř

    Honestly, you already game, if you had another channel and streamed it, you WOULD kill it, bet

    • May May Somner
      May May Somner

      LOW IQ

  • Bryan

    the colors on this podcast are so beautiful wtf

    • Ian Fleisch
      Ian Fleisch

      Vapor wave lol

  • Sebastian Tinajero
    Sebastian Tinajero

    Everyone knows Bobo is very intelligent

  • Forest Lionhart
    Forest Lionhart


  • Mondeezul

    Didn't it get a massive update today? Hope Bobo talks bout it 😁

    • Spongekelp

      1.5 update is so so good

  • Donna Kelly
    Donna Kelly

    Does he live stream his Stardew Valley farm?

  • M Ceddy
    M Ceddy

    This setup you guys have going on is so fuccing ghey... Plexi glass dividers? Seriously???

    • M Ceddy
      M Ceddy

      @s guess you can't have common sense AND watch a fat asian ex junkies podcast...

    • Steve Mo
      Steve Mo

      @M Ceddy dumb.

    • s

      @M Ceddy my god why is an anti-masker watching tiger belly? go back to your conspiracy theory videos

    • M Ceddy
      M Ceddy

      @s lol trying to be safe? Riiiiiight... For a virus that's no more deadly than a common flu??? You probably wear one of those face shields.

    • s

      you're criticising them for trying to be safe


    Slime Farm

  • Juaquiee

    Intelligence is so bias anyways. Let's put a Harvard University in the deep jungles of the Amazon and see how his so called intelligence will help him.

    • Robin Adelmann
      Robin Adelmann

      @Sehraad Ahmed's You're right, only then will our Harvard University be able to handle the trials and tribulations of the jungle.

    • Sehraad Ahmed's
      Sehraad Ahmed's

      @Robin Adelmann Thats silly. Everyone knows cornell's and Harvards aren't compatible species. Those 2 would never procreate. What we need to do is build conservations where harvards can safely breed and study the genetics.

    • Robin Adelmann
      Robin Adelmann

      @Sehraad Ahmed's because the Harvard University is near extinction, we need to get them back out into the wild and see if they will mate with any Cornells.

    • Sehraad Ahmed's
      Sehraad Ahmed's

      Why would u build a school in the deep jungle?

  • ozz

    Bobby is so fast as a comedian. Dudes a legit comedy genius. I wish I was half as smart

    • #unknown

      but he maintains his childlike wonder

    • alexis trudel
      alexis trudel

      It's a skill, Bobby's been working and perfecting it since he's like 24 years old. He is genius and almost at another level

    • Hunter Thompson
      Hunter Thompson

      Ok Bobby's 3rd Account 👍

    • Nova

      Ight be coo wit genius..

  • Bo

    Fucking clickbait title! Bobby barley talks about the game, then when he does the clip ends!? If I wasn't a devoted papaya I would consider downvoting, but I must restrain myself

  • Jordi

    1.5 update just dropped (:

    • Joshua Hildebrand
      Joshua Hildebrand

      I just started playing a few days ago. I didn’t know the new stuff was new. It was just normal for me until I looked it up haha

  • DWR

    Bobby isn’t dumb. He controls the dynamic.

    • Anfo _
      Anfo _

      I agree, not dumb at all. Maybe a little emotionally immature, but certainly no dumbie.


      He does! In every situation!

  • Get the dog 2.8 meterys
    Get the dog 2.8 meterys

    Love from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

    • mistake

      Nice profile pic

  • Ben C
    Ben C

    Guys I can't understand him he's got a mask on XD