Bobby Lee's Dream For Khalyla
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 281) -
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  • Mr. xFOOKmeSILLYx
    Mr. xFOOKmeSILLYx

    Nah it’s yours Bobby. Fuck that noise.

  • John Ingle
    John Ingle

    I really like this podcast, i have watched many episodes, but I have to admit that we have kind of lost our way when nobody judges anything at all. Not so much judge, but shame. I do appreciate the openness of everyone, but at some point I think we need morals and a little shaming people. I know it sounds weird, I'm just being honest. Should you not care at all what someone's past is about? I guess judge not lest ye be judged. But I think actions should have some consequences. Even if not in this lifetime. Crazy times we live in.

    • Kelsey Knock
      Kelsey Knock

      I guess the hard part is who deserves to judge? Who are you to put yourself on a pedestal and tell someone they need to smarten up. I understand your view point but it’s been proven shame doesn’t help either.. I know that worked in the past but it also created damage. Fear is the main way to control because it’s the easiest.. I think shame is good if the person feels it themselves naturally.. but shaming someone isn’t going to help unless the person wants to help themselves. Like an addict being forced into treatment. It doesn’t work. I don’t think we’ve lost the way I think there’s more compassion and understanding now. I think the difference is people miss freely shaming people and getting away with teasing. Why slut shaming and fat shaming skinny shaming, could continue on, is problematic because it doesn’t help. Creates animosity and in most cases pushes problem to continue on their toxic path just behind closed doors. Maybe makes you or the person shaming feel better for your own egos sake but it’s not actually helping the one being shamed.

  • AD Swish
    AD Swish

    Nobody is watching a podcast without Bobby... lmao

    • Ozzymand!as

      Clearly people do, just speak for yourself

    • Captain BP&J
      Captain BP&J

      I watch podcast all the time without bobby.

  • Trey Kilgore
    Trey Kilgore

    Riffin Without Griffin 🤣🤣

  • 0

    Riffin without Griffin 😂😂😂 dfkm

  • BronnBlackwater

    Podcast of Khalyla + hot asian chick + shy asian dude a la redban/lee syatt

    • Mugshot Marley
      Mugshot Marley

      @Eraser Traceur I love lee

    • Eraser Traceur
      Eraser Traceur

      I need to watch the lee syatt laughing compilation video now...

  • Keven V51
    Keven V51

    Who tf would watch Khalyla 😂 girl is not funny at all

    • Ozzymand!as

      Joe Rogan isn't funny either,

  • Diehard Outdoors
    Diehard Outdoors

    How about.. THEO+BOBBY= The Asian rumor!!!

    • Ozzymand!as


  • Diehard Outdoors
    Diehard Outdoors

    I would watch that for sure awesome more content lord knows we all need it right now! Love how u guys continue to grow and expand ideas this is awesome 1 really good podcast makes more podcast so cool I wish Bobby Lee would do 1 with Theo that would be best we could get a weekly Theo and Bobby! Name a better combo there is none!!! It would beat rogan numbers after awhile

  • Pyro Deventer
    Pyro Deventer

    i hope they make a podcast with the 3

    • Pyro Deventer
      Pyro Deventer

      ​@Clos Montana then dont watch it

    • Clos Montana
      Clos Montana

      Hello no they are so boring

  • Zac

    Not gonna lie I'd kinda like a podcast without Bobby n just Khalyla lol

  • Pabloo Picasoo
    Pabloo Picasoo

    Feel like the “ announcement” might be another podcast with khalyla and another female comedian...

    • Zac

      I hope so I'd rather her without Bobby she's so much fun n Bobby is a bit of a rock attached while treading water for me

  • Bury Your Draws
    Bury Your Draws

    I meant to comment this on the original episode but that finger-snap crossover bit was as awesome as it was unexpected

  • tileavenue

    The only non-comedian would be Khalyla. Just like Brendan Schaub in his podcasts

    • sixfiftychris

      Just like Joe Rogan in his podcasts too

  • chaja95

    I hope tigerbelly isn't your baby cause then it'd be aborted.

  • Ahmed Juhar
    Ahmed Juhar

    “Guy’s we fucked” Mr lee wild!

  • Gabriel Dimude
    Gabriel Dimude

    Bobby Lee with his punch lines = The best!

  • Wavetech

    Fucking hilarious that in complimenting the girls, he roasted the shit out of them 🤣

  • Rich Piana’s oil pump
    Rich Piana’s oil pump


  • Naltddesha

    Dude if you look up Talking With Bobby Lee - Andrew Santino, that was far and away my favorite ep of Talking. And that was like7 years prior

    • Mykol Xander
      Mykol Xander

      just shows how great they were together even before bad friends

  • Jason Davila
    Jason Davila

    A podcast with you 3 would definitely work, but Annie can't be mean to Esther for the ENTIRE fucking episode... lol.

    • tileavenue

      nahh Esther is an annoying little troll

  • Lvx Rose
    Lvx Rose

    I agree with his view on Annie, love her to death. Haha

  • Wyatt Haynal
    Wyatt Haynal

    First, what’s up tigerbelly love y’all