Bobby Lee's Reaction to Seeing Tom Segura's Injury for the First Time
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 289) -
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  • Jared Mehrlich
    Jared Mehrlich

    Kiwi titties

  • EI8HT 8IT
    EI8HT 8IT

    10 year old me going in for the dunk: “JORDAN!!!” Tom going in for the dunk: “MR. GLASS!!!”

  • Randomly Relatable
    Randomly Relatable

    It worst than breaking bones

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe

    Anyone who has been in pain and has been given diluadid instantly gets the opiate and heroin crisis in this country!

  • Lenny Francois
    Lenny Francois

    it will take a year to get back to the muscles back where they were? did he ever have them to begin with!! lmao

  • Joel Lyons
    Joel Lyons

    Kiwi tities lmao

  • PaNDaSNiP3R

    Fricken Bert trying to put him back together. Dude don’t touch him! Geezus

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    “Freak accident man” sure if injuring yourself trying to do athletic shit while being heavily overweight is considered a freak accident

  • I_Choose_You

    1:50 the change is Bobby’s expression is so Bobby!

  • Svveat

    RIP Tom Segura

  • The Fart Of God
    The Fart Of God

    Watched this while eating lunch at work, big mistake


    The thing that’s funny about toms injury was the yelling and the screaming for sure

  • jcArius

    Khalyla must dread having her body parts fall asleep and thats not a joke either

  • Zach

    Tom is loving seeing Bobby squirm while watching. Seeing someone see it for the first time does it for him. No doubt he loves having a fucked up video to show people and it's of himself.

  • Lotto Mane
    Lotto Mane

    I genuinely don't understand how someone could fall that aggressively while running so slowly and barely jumping. Yikes.

    • UFO Pilot
      UFO Pilot

      The video is currently being studied by physicists.

  • Supreme Gentleman
    Supreme Gentleman

    Such poor health his body just implodes.

  • cresporules

    He had Covid too and he survived?!! Impossible!!!

  • No_one_from_Nowhere.

    Am I the only one that thinks this is tom’s karma for laughing at people getting hurt IRbin vids

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz

    Can anyone else tell this is not Bobby’s first time seeing this?

  • Jim Jo
    Jim Jo

    I forgot how much I can’t stand Khalyla

  • I'm Good
    I'm Good

    Don't swear and use to Lord's name in vain please. Other than that, that is a nasty fall :o

  • Kane Dobson
    Kane Dobson

    Segura and Lee are legends. Bobby, please get rid of that girl. FFS

  • Kane Dobson
    Kane Dobson

    Only Kalayla can ruin a good segment with Segura...

  • Captain BP&J
    Captain BP&J

    What did this chick do before bobby changed her life ?

    • Matthew Bishop
      Matthew Bishop

      Man good woman bad

  • zook420000

    hes out here playing with kids lol

  • Sector7 Slumdogg
    Sector7 Slumdogg

    Why would they be using oxy and dilautid and not morpheme? He said I felt like I was going thru withdrawals It’s bcuz you did lol Also it felt like heroin That’s bcuz it is lol

    • petroglyph79

      Morphine is a byproduct of heroin

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust

    Bobby Lee is a lucky man

  • Devin Lowe
    Devin Lowe

    Toms moving to Texas and he just becomes Garth, where’s Trish?

  • Choun Rithypung
    Choun Rithypung

    anyone who watch family guy know they love to do that fall

  • Joe B
    Joe B

    Damn that looked painful

  • MrBeans

    Tom probably knocks mad ahit over lol. He looks like he just hits a wall. And Tom that is 100% what it's like. Lol

  • Walter E. Kurtz
    Walter E. Kurtz


  • PeRuN the Riffmeister
    PeRuN the Riffmeister

    Bobby, thank you very, very much for not saying "oh my gosh"! 🙏

  • Stephen Eee
    Stephen Eee

    Hearing his tendon pop is worse than seeing it

  • j n
    j n

    Any women out there please don't get fake tits

  • Jack D
    Jack D

    Darn, he got the Wuhan virus in the hospital. He only had over a 99% chance of surviving it.

  • Dexter’s keeper
    Dexter’s keeper

    Looking for the Asian mechanic in the comment section

  • alex fernandez
    alex fernandez

    and kahlila, you fr don't love bobby its sad, you stay throwing lil shots and sneak disses pretty much saying you don't want his kids, or be with him 4 ever type stuff. thats best up khalif. i hope bobby leaves you n deserves better

  • Raiden Lewis
    Raiden Lewis


  • Jack Matthews
    Jack Matthews

    I'm happy Tom is okay now.

    • Dankest Ranch
      Dankest Ranch

      Still fat

  • Monkey Man
    Monkey Man

    Dilaudid is the shit. So was seeing Bobby's smile erased suddenly from his face.

  • A DeLaCuba
    A DeLaCuba

    What happen to Eric Meier!?

  • Alex

    Bobby going "oohhh myy gawd" will never not be hilarious

  • Travis Field
    Travis Field

    yeah dude, dilaudid is the best, hydromorphone is amazing, but I used it the naughty way for years, not good


    I fell off an e scooter two days ago in Venice Beach. Seeing how Tom fell, I'm so glad I didn't break anything 🛴

  • miguel R
    miguel R

    Can we have a rematch?

  • Retro Reaktor
    Retro Reaktor

    Holly cow, how unlucky was that? Two major injuries in one jump... looked awful, painful and somewhat funny.

  • Andy Cervantes
    Andy Cervantes

    How do you get that hurt never leaving the ground?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nik Scott
    Nik Scott

    He didn't almost die lol.

  • 606freeway

    lmfao fuck Tom Segura, this video is fucking hilarious

  • flying low
    flying low

    I had the same reaction Bobby. and not to brag but when i found out Tom hurt himself playing basketball with Bert I just knew he tried to dunk and failed

  • RUFF-

    LMAO. Who remembers Toms podcast where he laughs at sounds people make when they get hurt? His sound was even funnier.

    • ALEX

      He sounded just like the asian guy getting crushed 😂😂

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    lmao TOMS NOT LAUGHING NOW AT AN INJURY VIDEO ROFL wow if this isn't the best "Karma" video I've ever seen in my life. Tom is a POS who laughs at videos of obviously mentally challenged people and people having TERRIBLE injuries.. when it happens to him -- nothing --.

  • theletterziscool

    I mean don’t try to dunk

  • Brady Johnson
    Brady Johnson

    They buttered the floor

  • You Should Do a Podcast
    You Should Do a Podcast

    Bobby!!! Time for an upgrade G !

  • freespeechisdead isdead
    freespeechisdead isdead

    He falls just like Peter Griffin and sounds just like him when he falls.

  • Zachary Weatherford
    Zachary Weatherford

    2:17 Kenneth Park Class of 2004

  • Dana McWhite
    Dana McWhite

    I’ve been recovering from a broken Ankle and blood clot in my lung. This video triggered my PTSD and went into full Panic attack.

  • karl jonson
    karl jonson

    I'd lie if I said I didn't laugh. Tom would laugh if it was someone else too.

    • Harvey Crewe
      Harvey Crewe

      My friend dubbed over the garage incident into Tom's accident so as he lands you hear the car hit and then Tom utters "Angjulahh!!" Even Segura would laugh at it. Brilliant. 🤣🤣

  • bob barker
    bob barker

    2:09 bobbys face is hilarious just watch.

  • Zahary Nussbaum
    Zahary Nussbaum

    Tom only lost the weight thanks to Burnt Chrystlers Bitch of a wife being super honest with him

  • Frankenho poopy pants
    Frankenho poopy pants

    "Why did you do that?" LMFAO I just shit myself.

  • Justin Klinekole
    Justin Klinekole

    Tom looked like how people look on family guy when they die. Lol

    • Justin Klinekole
      Justin Klinekole

      @Master Ferguson what’s that gotta do with my comment?

    • Master Ferguson
      Master Ferguson

      Well he weighs 230 and is all of 5 foot 8

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz

    Bobby couldn't have made it more obvious that he'd seen the video before

  • bucket head
    bucket head

    of course the gold digger got breast implants

  • MONSTER MOE 1973
    MONSTER MOE 1973

    So funny Bobbly smelting the whole beginning waiting to say something stupid. Then the hand goes up 😂. I had to pause it to comment.

  • Maddie Michelle
    Maddie Michelle

    Koloko just casually admitting she was chasing success 😣

    • bigheadrhino

      Jim Jo dvdasa wasn’t his though, he has more of a following and fan base now than he ever did, and she can keep him on track. It’s not worth it for someone to go off the rails just to seem more entertaining or “true” to themselves. He’s not a healthy individual. We’re all just speculating anyways, I don’t know about him ending a friendship at all, is there a video you can reference about it?

    • Jim Jo
      Jim Jo

      bigheadrhino never worth being forced to end your friendship with your best friend. Pre khalyla Bobby was best imo Dvdasa was the best thing he ever did.

    • bigheadrhino

      Jim Jo Eh, she’s probably worth it. Looks like he’s way better off with her then he would be without her.

    • Jim Jo
      Jim Jo

      bigheadrhino She also made him end his relationship with one of his best friends because he “stayed at her friend’s house and didn’t say thank you”. Hijacked a Griffin/Bobby Lee podcast someone who actually has something to offer. Ended hilarious twitch streams he use to do with Steve and got him into cluelessly whinging about politics. So yea fuck her.

    • bucket head
      bucket head

      big difference between chasing success and earning it, you need to get over defending someone on the internet that doesn't even know you lol

  • Ivan

    She has a special gift of making everything about herself

  • Pillowigloo

    i still have to turn away. stuff like this scares the shit out of me

  • duckduckmoose

    I was initially surprised Bobby didn't see this video yet but then I realized this is the same man that slept in during 9/11

    • MGS V
      MGS V

      Holy sh*t. 🤣🤣😂

    • My_Other _Side
      My_Other _Side

      Slept King for you. When N-Korea send their Nuke to US, Bobo would probably sleeping.

    • Ice Kold Killa
      Ice Kold Killa


    • Beeg Chungo
      Beeg Chungo

      The slept king

  • TheGlizz

    Well hospital are hotbeds for virus so not new stop that omg covid bs its flu like we always lived

  • Hara

    I only saw that fall once and I plan on never seeing again.

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    Oh is that why she stopped posting sexy instagrams cuz she got rid of the double d's

  • Eric McIntyre
    Eric McIntyre

    When I first saw the video of Tom getting hurt I was crying laughing. not because I find it funny someone got hurt, because only Tom would destroy himself doing a fatman dunk contest against Burt lol I was shocked and amazed at how he pulled that off. Goodness man.

  • Johan Smallberries
    Johan Smallberries

    That’s what he gets for traveling

  • J Wizdum
    J Wizdum

    Let’s see the video of Tom dunking on 9ft. That seems incredibly impressive.

    • Christopher

      It was on one of their 2 Bears live shows

  • Salvage Monster
    Salvage Monster

    Oh god really? This is a thing with Bobby now? “Reaction “ videos are the second lowest form of videos next to gamers.

    • the world
      the world

      you’re unhinged. it’s just part of the full podcast, he’s allowed to watch clips of his friends

  • Max Terry
    Max Terry

    I’m sorry but I feel like that kind of injury should never had happened while playing basketball by yourself 😂

  • The Brooklyn Don
    The Brooklyn Don

    Damn! While he was laying there his arm looked like a CHICKEN WING!!!

    • Harvey Crewe
      Harvey Crewe

      Straight out of the battery farm.

    • June C.C.
      June C.C.

      Bro... not a normal one either. Like one of those smaller shriveled ones you push to the side until you have no choice.

  • Mehdi Nasr
    Mehdi Nasr

    Hollywood friends lol,didnt even check on the guy

    • MGS V
      MGS V

      That how L.A. people are they’re all shallow and fake af.

    • Etan Plan
      Etan Plan

      Honestly these two always rubbed me wrong together and I don’t know what it is. Strange.

    • Mehdi Nasr
      Mehdi Nasr

      @Jason Smith ya its nuts,even with crhis delia who they literally said is their best friend,as soon as that shit happened they all ghosted him and acted as they never heard of the guy,its just nuts

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith

      Lol yeah they're trash. In the same podcast they talk about a comic friend that died but didn't know exactly how he died. They seem sad but didn't bother to Google what happened. It took me 10 seconds to find out. Fake af. I know what khalyla meant about getting away from Hollywood if her and bobby ever split.

  • CezaMVO

    I love how much joy it brings Tom seeing Bobby so shocked

  • CezaMVO

    Only Bobby would have a guest on, that had an almost life altering accident, then be shocked when said guest shows him the video of the accident.

  • Drknsss

    ..., looking for ig photos of pre-Bobby Khalyla photos....., I love . @ :54 seconds Tome's reaction is classic!! He be thinking "How the fck did Bobby get THIS chick???"""?

    • Drknsss

      what? No reply?? scared?

    • Drknsss

      @Reeve Levac Is this a statement or a question?

    • Reeve Levac
      Reeve Levac

      smoke crack eh?

  • Zach McCabe
    Zach McCabe

    I'm impressed tom can dunk on a 9 ft goal....I'm 27, 170 lbs. Used to play ball and cant even do that

    • Donald Wilson
      Donald Wilson

      Even i can do that & i dont even play basketball

    • Esteban B
      Esteban B

      You must be not so tall.

  • DiaMonD FaLcoN
    DiaMonD FaLcoN

    I can't believe Bobby didn't laugh in Toms face lol, Tom literally laughed at a guy being crushed by his own car 🤣

  • austin brodie
    austin brodie

    Nothing in life more annoying than a dumb chick that went through nursing school and now talks and acts like a brain surgeon

  • kuna muta
    kuna muta

    i've onced slipped and fell with my angle, guys it hurts so bad mostly because you hit a nerve there and you're done for today, i felt i was dying

  • Suckafree Media
    Suckafree Media

    Did Bobby Lee just react to one of the videos on our channel ? 😀

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez

    Puto segura , not a comedian.

  • Anthony Burton
    Anthony Burton

    Man Bobby girl is a handful she always has something wrong with her no matter what someone says she has a version of it

    • Johan Smallberries
      Johan Smallberries

      Haha kaluku is that troublesome combo of hypochondriac and trained medical professional.

  • Zac

    That leg and arm might be karma for all the times Tom and Christina laugh at people with autistic and downs syndrome tik tok's. I wish they'd stop that it really hurts to see people you love do things you disagree with the other nuffys are game but not them🙈

  • alan wheeler
    alan wheeler

    Uncle Bobby got that penguin body goin

  • elchamber

    So Sarah, Bob’s ex is next?

  • steak and rice
    steak and rice

    LMAO damn

  • dano25655

    There's an Asian dude in an auto repair shop with buckled knees laughing his ass off as he rewatches this video every day

    • Wes s
      Wes s

      @RarelySober it’s an obvious joke, I’m sure lots of people thought the same thing when they saw the video.

    • T2ainwreck


    • Fat Gagger
      Fat Gagger

      Cool regurgitated comment.

    • Zachary McNeely
      Zachary McNeely

      fucking awsome

    • PokeReel


  • cody duncan
    cody duncan

    That shit is karma for all the times he laughed at videos of folks getting f'd up.

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller

    Great react.

  • Ant Gonz
    Ant Gonz

    Bobby I love you! U r funny as fuck! And your woman is gorgeous by the way. 😬

  • Harry_Knutts _
    Harry_Knutts _

    Must have been hard not to laugh