Bobby Lee Tries to Convince Tom Segura He Is Straight
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 289) -
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    BloodBath Clips

    Come smash all our buttons on the new BloodBath Clips channel!

    • HiveRobot

      @GUY VER She's trying to be the gross out queen on every show. We get it, you're too cool and disgusting to just be pretty.

    • GUY VER
      GUY VER

      If you want to see someone get carried for 2 hours watch kalyla on bloodbath

    • Shaka Dakine
      Shaka Dakine

      Oe smash the bottoms?

    • max brown
      max brown

      ^^ clearly didn't listen to it

    • HiveRobot

      Clips might be the best venue for Bloodbath because listening to a whole show of 3 girls obsessing over shitting and and their periods is pretty fucking disgusting.

  • rkmanzo

    Who is the person Tom is talking about ?

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    had no idea if you like girls too much youre gay

  • Robert Cole
    Robert Cole

    Bryan Callen 100% 👌

  • Nic Warner
    Nic Warner

    Gotta love Bobo

  • Fat beaches
    Fat beaches

    Khalyla is so contradicting. She calls out Bobby for being gay for looking at guys at the beach then she says guys that talk about girls too much are gay. I guess with her logic every guy is gay.

  • Team Mc Fishing
    Team Mc Fishing

    The last show I hung out with you backstage at the dog house shows in the bay area, you ran up when you saw me, jumped up and wrapped your legs around my waist and started kissing my cheeks Bobby! Lol we used to hang out allot in Sacramento when you were opening at the punchline all the time. Favorite Bobby joke is about selling corn on the freeway, lol

  • Stoner Thoughts
    Stoner Thoughts

    Nothin wrong bein bi bobo. Ya girl might like it. Just sayin

  • nheuk3

    “Every time I’ve done it is through drunkenness”. Someone needs to tell Bobby that alcohol only serves to loosen your inhibitions.

  • Edward Campos
    Edward Campos

    Bobby gay af lol

  • Francis McCloskey
    Francis McCloskey

    That is an interesting fade out choice given the dialogue that is continuing on.

  • Allan Ros
    Allan Ros

    Gotta be James Corden.

  • Patrick Mccarthy
    Patrick Mccarthy

    Bobby text ari back please

  • Grom Mike
    Grom Mike

    Tom Hardy is the one I would go gay for. That was toooooo quick Mr. Belly

  • Jason H.
    Jason H.

    Khalyla obviously is cool with it in, but the look on her face when she asked Bobby if he thinks of his past gay experiences was with some concern. lol Making sure he said the right thing.

  • Aaron Graham
    Aaron Graham

    Timmy bunz ironically looks like Garth Brooks in this. I like that

  • Moses Agabon
    Moses Agabon

    Bobby Lee is a defo bottom.

  • Moses Agabon
    Moses Agabon

    If you been with a dude, you gay! Nothing wrong with that.

  • Brandon Sawdey
    Brandon Sawdey

    I wish Bobby would make a shirt that says can I finish

  • Biden's Communist
    Biden's Communist

    Bobby Lee and Kaluha are about as mismatched as Howard Stern and his gold digger! The cool part is deep down inside whether they want to admit it or not they know the girl wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire if they weren't rich and famous.

  • carmine albanese
    carmine albanese

    this title made me think Tom was gay

  • Jordan McIntosh
    Jordan McIntosh

    You can tell Tom loves pissing Bobby off😂

  • Matthew Bourke
    Matthew Bourke

    It’s Seacrest

  • D M
    D M

    Bobby is a bottom.

  • Christopher

    Was it Tom Cruise?

  • The Critic
    The Critic

    I just realized that this is the first time I've seen Tom not wearing black

  • freespeechisdead isdead
    freespeechisdead isdead

    I didn't watch the Tom Segura straight? Or did he at least get convinced he's straight?

  • Richard UofH
    Richard UofH

    The end of the interview, Bobby gets wired and unstable when he hears they are moving to Austin.

    • BobZombie

      Joe Rogan lol

  • Grandpaa Bundy
    Grandpaa Bundy

    Bobby’s definitely into men

  • Scott Wilhite
    Scott Wilhite

    Jim Norton.

  • DoubleOh

    I love how bobby hides behind his insecurities with humor but all his friends know it lol

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams

    Does Bobby still do percocets?

  • TuliMan562

    1000% he’s talking about Brendan schaub

    • C Mahoney
      C Mahoney

      I was thinking Ryan Seacrest.


    Bad as a podcast guest/host: check. At the bare minimum bisexual:check


    i don't know if he's gay necessarily, but he's definitely bi at least.

  • Seabass McBigFat
    Seabass McBigFat

    I’m pretty sure Bobby is gay

  • Jump Stockers
    Jump Stockers

    i don’t get it, he’s married right?

  • MrBeans

    I've never seen anybody try SO HARD to convince someone they are not gay lol I'm not surprised Bobby had a few experiences though lol

  • Jordan Sco
    Jordan Sco

    It was Nick Swardson

  • MrDank132

    Holy shit that got dark at the end

    • Chris Hanner
      Chris Hanner

      Yeah wow.

  • Nico Jordan
    Nico Jordan

    i love that oldboy poster behind lee ❤️

  • English for Sri Lanka
    English for Sri Lanka

    Joe Rogan?

  • Mrstupes

    Toms a simp


    Never met a more gay man than Bobby lee

  • Rossboe1

    Do people realize that the whole wanting big lips and big butt, is they are trying to look west African? Like Kenyan's, Somalians, Ethiopians, etc, dont really have big lips big butt, but peoples from Ghana and Nigeria do. So this whole craze that has gone across the world in the last 5 to 10 years, is that white people are trying to look Nigerian. Good day to you.

    • Rossboe1

      I mean all this big lips and ass's is obviously the huge influence of black culture on America. But when you break it down, its white people trying to look like Nigerians.

  • Arnabi Arnab
    Arnabi Arnab

    Wtf did I click??

  • Amber Portland
    Amber Portland

    Oh, hi, Garth.

  • Drew Jonathan
    Drew Jonathan

    Who’s he talking about?

  • Samuel Phillips
    Samuel Phillips

    Bobby meant schaub at the start

  • MCM

    Bob E DEFINITELY thinks about Tom Hardy 👌

  • Wesley Brown
    Wesley Brown

    It’s Bert, it’s no secret

  • jomkon nokmoj
    jomkon nokmoj

    Brendan Schaub?

    • jomkon nokmoj
      jomkon nokmoj

      @Jr Robles and?

    • Jr Robles
      Jr Robles

      He has kids and a fiancé

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green

    I too think he is gay

  • jamiesh

    Tom Segura is a good listener. Can't fight me on that one.

    • Gabriel Orville
      Gabriel Orville

      Meh, maybe, he might just be quiet because Bobby needs no help to throw himself under the bus.

  • Alex Hayes
    Alex Hayes

    I had a coworker who would bring up fucking girls or chicks he’s banged within ten seconds everytime I saw him and I’m very positive he was gay. They try so hard that it comes off as the opposite

  • Yabuki Joe
    Yabuki Joe

    top 5 moment for sure

  • astonished hoplite 25
    astonished hoplite 25

    Just me or does Tom look like Garth brooks here with the hat and hoodie 😂😂😂😂😂😂 hahaha


      The irony 😂😂😂

    • MrJtin69


  • Jungsuk Lee
    Jungsuk Lee

    Sounds like a Chris Kattan story.

    • J Isbister
      J Isbister

      I think it’s Nick Swardson

    • Brad Hodge
      Brad Hodge

      Was thinking the same thing lmao

    • Alessandra Berlusconi
      Alessandra Berlusconi

      Chris Kattan, the professor of logic no less.

    • Cosiest

      There's a guy without a doghouse

  • meme e
    meme e

    When is Bobby going to come out, it's getting boring now

  • Atlus Avalon
    Atlus Avalon

    My dad was the OG and yes, he would talk like that. You must not have met many masculine men in your life.

    • Johnny Laboriel
      Johnny Laboriel

      @Atlus Avalon What an Insecure guy talking about his dads conquest because you lack you own hahahahaha

    • J K
      J K

      @Atlus Avalon insecure*

    • RapidRambo

      @Atlus Avalon insecure*

    • Atlus Avalon
      Atlus Avalon

      @Dru Dru No, kiddo. My dad slayed mountains of pussy in his life and simply loved women far more than most men do. You're a fucking clown for talking shit about someone you don't know.

    • Dru Dru
      Dru Dru


  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz

    The ending transition had me thinking I was going blind 🥴

    • DarRell McDuffie
      DarRell McDuffie

      Started to feel a GTA "Wasted" scene

    • Tucco

      Well and it’s also this really traumatic experience she’s talking about and it just fades out like “meh nobody wants to hear about this...”

    • Adrian Ortiz
      Adrian Ortiz

      I'm high as a mf

  • John Schneller
    John Schneller

    Bobby was molested that messes people up

  • apalo70

    It's Tom & Tim Dillon

  • PsychoBoyJack

    It's Chris Kattan, isn't it?

  • Crispin G.
    Crispin G.

    Why was Tom seeing that kinda of specialist doctor? Hmmm 🤔 suspect

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown

    Tom really looking like garth brooks here

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    Idk why but I read the title like Bobby trying to convince Tom that Tom is straight, hahaha

    • 8211edgar

      @Jason White no it’s trying to say that “Bobby is trying to convince Tom segura that Bobby himself is straight “

    • Jason White
      Jason White

      I still think that’s what the title means? Haha

  • Rikesh Patel
    Rikesh Patel

    I’m promise you don’t know who Tom was talking about just because you watch comedy podcasts all day

  • Alix W
    Alix W

    blaming it on drunkeness, smh bobby, most if not all straight dudes get drunk and dont mess with other dudes

  • Fenster

    Tom Cruise?

    • Carlos Bosch
      Carlos Bosch

      Jeremy Renner?

    • MrJtin69


  • CezaMVO

    All of this started because of jules

  • cody duncan
    cody duncan

    My parents look like mythological creatures... Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂

  • uhhh

    LMFAO who makes these thumbnails

  • Trey Goodwyn
    Trey Goodwyn

    Gilbert and Khalyla need to get Tom Hardy to surprise Bobo for his 50th. Imagine one of those cakes being rolled in and at the end of happy birthday, Tom jumps out shirtless. Bob wouldn’t know what to do.

    • Brad

      OMG that would be hilarious.

  • Wei-Tong Tang
    Wei-Tong Tang

    its obviously bredan

  • ashley duchuck
    ashley duchuck

    Huh? Gay guys talk about pussy all the time that doesn’t make sense to me 🤔


    Dr Drew ft Bobby?


    What a stupid place to end the clip

    • Bernie

      Or smart

  • Ranbir Dhillon
    Ranbir Dhillon

    I thought Bobby was 40 something percent bi?

  • Deadstock Deals
    Deadstock Deals

    Ryan Seacrest?

    • Barrett Dylan Davis
      Barrett Dylan Davis

      That’s my guess too

    • Charles Darwin
      Charles Darwin

      @Ax Greenious No, *Don't you mean Ryan Seamencrust?

    • Ax Greenious
      Ax Greenious

      Don't you mean, Ryan Cumcrest?

    • Mes Guided
      Mes Guided

      That was my guess!! 🤣🤣

    • Charles Darwin
      Charles Darwin

      @Ryan Mcgarry How do you know he's talking about the same closeted gay guy in this story?

  • Pedro Strom
    Pedro Strom

    1:39 como on what is that !! lol

  • Bee Lot
    Bee Lot

    He is talking about Tony Hinchclife

    • Hive 55
      Hive 55

      Definitely is!! 😂

    • Neil Wilson
      Neil Wilson

      No I don’t think so.

    • Robert Ziegler
      Robert Ziegler

      I actually know a chick who used to regularly hook up with him so I don't think so

    • V I
      V I

      It’s also who said Ester had a magical B hole lol. Him and Redban are who they were talking about during that

    • TCsHouse

      Isn’t he tho

  • five5x

    I'm glad straight people are figuring out what gays have known for a long time. If you gotta talk about gay men or how straight you are, you are not straight.

  • Ah 2 ah
    Ah 2 ah

    Bobby is not gay..... knowing Bobby, he would be out and proud if he was. Bobby is just funny!

    • Ah 2 ah
      Ah 2 ah

      @Mr-panda 47 ... lol... fair enuff

    • Mr-panda 47
      Mr-panda 47

      @Ah 2 ah bobby is definitely gay not bi gay

    • Ah 2 ah
      Ah 2 ah

      @x Legion x ...u think so? I honestly think he would say he was bi, if he was. Bobby is just that honest with no thought... he was honest about his male encounters, I just don’t see him lying about his sexuality... Bobby is jus Bobby! Gotta luv him for that!! Also, if a guy had a sexual experience with another guy and didn’t like the experience, would that still make him gay or bi? Wouldn’t you have to like it or fondly think about the experience often to be gay or bi?? I just don’t see Bobby thinking about men like that... admiring their body parts, yes.... having sex with them, NO

    • x Legion x
      x Legion x

      He bi

  • Prudence Walrus
    Prudence Walrus

    “drunkgay” incredble

    • five5x

      I know a few gay men who would get men drunk and then proceed to.... They could always spot the dude who would be drunk gay. Drunk gay means I am too uncomfortable with this side of myself unless I am loaded. Put a few beers in them and then all of sudden they're unzipping for a dude.

  • IAmRedherrings

    Khalyla fetishises the fuck out of homosexuality lol

  • Blade


  • Static_WI

    Wish Bob and Tom had a podcast together. Feel like they have a perfect balance for each other.

  • John Tackett
    John Tackett

    He fucked up the main mommies name!!

  • bart simpson
    bart simpson

    Old ass men sittin around questioning each other if they're gay, what has this world become?

  • sam papermaster
    sam papermaster

    So who's the guy?

    • utente 333
      utente 333

      @oceanwavesandcocaine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Falcor23

      @oceanwavesandcocaine he's openly gay isn't he?

    • Dj Screw
      Dj Screw

      @oceanwavesandcocaine lmao probably

    • oceanwavesandcocaine

      brendan schaub

  • Lyrik&Amari's Channel
    Lyrik&Amari's Channel

    Segura isn't funny at all can't stand him

    • Toby McGroby
      Toby McGroby

      @Space Ghost exactly, the funniest people I've met in my life are all people that say the most random shit, & I have to try to figure out how he got there, but it's impossible cause he's nuts. Those people make me die laughing. I'm also the type to find sounds funny, instead of clever jokes & wordplay. Pablo Francisco was one of my favorites for a while cause he's great at making funny sounds. It sounds like I'm describing an idiots sense of humor... But there's only so many times you can rewatch something funny via wordplay or stories, but funny sounds or extremely random songs can be rewatched endlessly.

    • Space Ghost
      Space Ghost

      @Toby McGroby i agree with everything you said, in both posts....ive got just as detailed a rant about Bert (i think it comes from him growing up in florida where you go to big outdoor rave style parties, and suck up to strangers, to get free drinks and or bumps of free powdery nose stuff...hes still doing it at 50...his poor family) And you hit exactly what a comdien shoud be - the person you want as a BFF....thats why tom is hitting your buttons. Im old so my funny bone is changing, i dont need political stuff, or family stuff, or clever stuff, i need absurdist stuff...i need a zinger coming from left field that hits you like a train.

    • Toby McGroby
      Toby McGroby

      @Space Ghost oh & Bert, my god am I ever tired of him. It's impossible for him not to interrupt everything & hijack people's stories. Can't stand when he does that shit

    • Toby McGroby
      Toby McGroby

      @Space Ghost yeah maybe I'm just not there yet. I like Tom cause he reminds me of my best friend, a lot. The way he talks, his arrogance for no reason, all that stuff made me laugh, he would get irritated cause I'd laugh at him when he was being serious. I think a lot of us relate these comedians to people in our own social circles, assuming we know them cause they're just like our friends. But it's ridiculous to assume that, so I hear ya. I just discovered Tim Vine two days ago, he's such a wonderfully weird guy, the BeeGees tribute at the end of one of his specials is so dumb that it's great. I like it cause he doesn't force us to think about politics or anything that divides us. Female comedians seem to rely on politics a little too much, but I could be wrong. Iliza is great, when she's not doing the hate straight white guys thing. Her early stuff like you said, it's absurdist in the best way, for example her bit about wanting to be a witch pharmacist. I think you're right. We have our own perspectives but yeah I agree. If I listen to too much WTF podcast, I start to despise Marc Maron for CONSTANTLY wanting to sound like a die hard hyper liberal, to the point where it's questionable whether he sees himself as a comedian or not. He takes himself way too seriously.. I think Marc Maron did to me what Tommy Buns did to you

    • Space Ghost
      Space Ghost

      @Toby McGroby hehe...i think its because i used to like tom and bert but then i started watching 2 bears...i realised they were both sociopaths and horrible people. its like how actors never used to do press, because, they didnt want to break the fourth wall and let people see the real them...coz it made the suspension of disbelief harder. kinda changed in the 90s with celeb culture. the current comedians for some reason have thrown that rule out - to get views and clicks. dylon moran as a standup i like, UK standups i find funny...anyone whose an absurdist i enjoy , so someone like ilisa shlesinger i like due to her physicality - especially her early stuff, . US peeps like jim gaffigan and jeff ross can make anyone laugh, their material is constructed so well, i like bill burr's sets...i realised, i just dont like US comedians doing podcasts, the real them, are money hungry, and it shows, it seeps thru...its that desperate aspirational stuff - kevin hart is like that, he is so desperate to be famous, it makes his comedy unwatchable....Katt is dead funny...i luv Katt.. UK absurdists make me cry laughing...i want to like tom, but, i see him watching the audience, watching him, when he performs - its like when u can see an actor acting...i watch heaps of his stuff but am not a fan - that time he did a whole show to a light as they booed where the lady booking him cried (red flag), and, how we hates interacting with fans after a show - for me means - he shouldnt be doing what hes doing...become a host or something else, hes good behind a mic...doesnt have the funny.

  • deedles

    Talking about chicks all the time is pretty normal for straight guys. The fact is that straight guys aren’t huge on eating girls out. We do it probably with the same enthusiasm that girls have for sucking dick.

  • Nate Gomes
    Nate Gomes

    It was a rapper.

    • Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore
      Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore

      @tre tucker Drake isn’t autistic and is ladies man like I said, he wouldn’t say that retarded shit. Kanye stopped porn years ago with that Jesus is king, was loyal to his wife. Probably isn’t even a rapper honestly

    • tre tucker
      tre tucker

      @Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore think about it.. Have we ever seen Drake with a "real" girlfriend? Nope? I've heard from numerous sources that Kanye has a porn addiction and just openly watches it when folks are in his company...and don't forget there were those jeffry starr accusations.

    • Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore
      Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore

      @tre tucker I thought about it, and Nah... definitely not. Drake isn’t that autistic, and Kanye was very loyal to his wife

    • tre tucker
      tre tucker

      @Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore nah.... After watching it... Sounds like something drake or Kanye west would say...

    • Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore
      Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore

      Young Thug? What rapper is this

  • V I
    V I

    I think this whole podcast from the first episode is Bobby trying to convince himself he’s not gay 😂

    • Shaka Dakine
      Shaka Dakine


    • HiveRobot

      I think there is a lot of truth in that. Basically everyone around him already knows the truth...Bobby is the last holdout.

    • bledback2life

      Bobby does a good job of hiding this insecurity behind his style of humor.

  • No Beard Bill
    No Beard Bill

    Tom “The Black Man” Segura

  • Challenge Accepted!
    Challenge Accepted!

    This was a good podcast today! 🍻🤘

  • J R
    J R