Bobby Lee Wants the Truth on What's Scripted During the Voice ft. Noah Mac
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 196) -
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  • Collin Parks
    Collin Parks

    Khalsa wanted it

  • D Exo
    D Exo

    Theo would not approve of that “full blown” comment

  • Donnie Roberson
    Donnie Roberson


  • lola

    When are you going to gave kids with Khalyla, Bobby. Come on have kids, pretty please.

    • epa dedrater
      epa dedrater

      Pro choice

    • epa dedrater
      epa dedrater

      @lola how fcked up will it be if their kids grow up having to take care of their father like what she did. Your being selfish

    • lola

      @Hoganply she is a murderer. They are getting old , bobby is on his 50s. They don't want kids to be honest. I hate her.

    • Hoganply

      @lola It would be one thing if she never wants kids, but I never got that impression. That said, it could be as simple as she's just not ready yet.

    • lola

      Thats fucked up, if she doesn't want his kids, he should end it. I can forgive once but multiple I cannot.

  • G Man
    G Man

    My niece can sing. She is a total idiot, but she can sing. Can she be on your show? How old are you Bobby? Grow up and get some real guests.

    • Cliff Steele
      Cliff Steele

      Is your niece famous? Probably not. This guy was on the voice and replied to bobby on social media saying he was a fan of bobby. That’s why he’s on the podcast. He was the only one. 90% of the guests are comics.

  • Becky Curtis
    Becky Curtis

    I love it when bobby loves something enough to be serious about it. ❤

  • s

    you can see how happy bobby is as a voice fan

  • D YANG
    D YANG

    So when are we getting a trevor Noah pd?

    • Gregg Fowl
      Gregg Fowl

      Ain't letting that bigot in the show man...and he's not funny

    • Joshua Cameron
      Joshua Cameron

      Hopefully NEVER

    • Arcanecide

      Man that would suck ass

  • em kim
    em kim

    thought this was jack harlow

  • Joseph

    Love youguys

  • THISPLACECITY Y by DaruDawit
    THISPLACECITY Y by DaruDawit

    I love all of this video!

  • Shea T.
    Shea T.

    it's those gd NDA's that get you every time

    • Adrian Love
      Adrian Love

      George Bush: They got NDA's in the middle east we goin to war. Mr. President, don't u mean WMD's? Bush: NDA's, WMD's...them arabs all look alike to me. (I don't know why i wrote this lol)