How Bobby Lee Almost Died Hanging Out With Joe Rogan
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 113) -
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You can watch more of Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn here!
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  • mma4ever

    You need to get Rogan on the podcast!

  • RamseyLEL

    "Almost died" lol ok sure

  • Ryan Bush
    Ryan Bush

    The uptight argument alarmingly stir because diamond conformably paint in a standing kimberly. drunk, hard graphic

  • Don Jandro
    Don Jandro

    Ah yes, this was the time Rogan said you almost got both of y'alls killed xD

  • azysheff

    Really? I think I’ve heard this story like 8 times already on podcasts including this one lol come on Bobby ur losing ur fire the podcast has been slacking lately I miss wen u was yourself and not scared of getting cancelled or punished by ur girlfriend

  • Daddy & Leo Gaming Channel
    Daddy & Leo Gaming Channel

    Tellin a story about someone and bleeped out their name lol grow a pair. It ain’t Obama. You talk about joe Rogan so why not mention other person they ain’t bigger then joe Rogan

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez

    I remember joe talking about this in his podcast haha nice

  • gnarhound

    Did no one else email poway high school

  • R A
    R A

    Title needs some work: How Joe Rogan almost died hanging out with Bobby Lee.

  • AdamScott

    I love Bobby so much. But that was the worst story I have ever heard told

  • VenoMHernandz

    In alternate reality, Joe Rogan was hitting on the Stripper and Bobby Lee actually had the Spidey Sense to get out


    Please please Bobby Lee give it up You are so not funny man....

  • Carl Figgs
    Carl Figgs

    Bobby lee is full of shit literally

  • Shelster 99
    Shelster 99

    “An Affliction shirt!? Oh god my vagina just ate itself.”

  • SkeletalSounds _
    SkeletalSounds _

    the title made me conclude that these two engaged in auto erotic asphyxiation

  • Ben Slease
    Ben Slease

    Joseph's was on Ivar if i remember correctly.

  • lucho paniagua
    lucho paniagua

    I think its time to start heading out into the world again

    • Anissa B.
      Anissa B.

      I wonder if in several years, people will look back and this comment and immediately know you’re randomly referring to quarantine in a tiger belly clip.

  • Tyler Warren
    Tyler Warren

    If Rogan invited Bobby to go hunting, it would be straight up Surviving the Game vibes lol.

  • edkode

    I miss old Bobby.

  • Speaking Facts
    Speaking Facts

    0:54 me finding things funny at family gatherings

  • Geff Stiubhairt
    Geff Stiubhairt

    what im saying is is that what im saying is is that what im saying is is that

  • bay seeds
    bay seeds

    I feel like stealing Bobby's girl wouldn't be that hard.

  • Jack Graham
    Jack Graham

    The rift goes back to Douchebag Menstealia. Bobby took his buddies side, Joe got 86'd from the store, lost his agent. Water under the bridge now. But that's where the problem in Bobby's fucked selfcentered head lies. Joe could give two flying fucks.

  • twoquiik20

    Shut the f**k up dog!! Now bleep f**k everytime after.... Great edit!

  • Suburban White Dad
    Suburban White Dad

    Joe and Bobby are finally inches away from having a sit-down face to face final showdown on JRE.

    • RCorbzz

      Don't count on it, Kylo Ren will never let Bobby leave the house until every last covid patient is cured. Shes what people call "bat shit crazy"

    • Will De La Rosa
      Will De La Rosa

      I hope so

    • G L
      G L

      You saying Bobby is going to Texas? Is America opening up?

    • brosif29

      How you mean?

  • Sam W
    Sam W

    Lol Bobby “could have died” in every story

    • Daniel Valencia
      Daniel Valencia

      Haha though I was the only one

  • yabigitisine

    No need to censor George, we all know it's B.J Novak from the office.

    • Roni Bärlund
      Roni Bärlund

      UnmaskTheRedrum Thanks! Daamnn that’s rough

    • UnmaskTheRedrum

      @Roni Bärlund the story is he got invited to Seth Meyers birthday party then when bj novak saw him he said “what the fuck are you doing here” and Bobby said he got a writers spot and a gig which bj Novak was both a writer and actor for the office so he’s definitely talking about him. (Edit: I found the clip

    • yabigitisine

      @Roni Bärlund I learnt it in an old O&A video where Bobby was the guest and talking about that incident.

    • Roni Bärlund
      Roni Bärlund

      jays0909 Explain further. I don’t know who Bobby was talking about and apparently this guy knows he is talking about B.J Novak so how does he know Bobby was talking about him? Is there some history behind them? Has he mentioned something about it on another podcast?

    • jays0909

      @Roni Bärlund what don't you understand?

  • Jon L
    Jon L

    Joe Rogan and Bobby Lee hunting together would be a masterpiece

    • Shariqson In Da House
      Shariqson In Da House

      Bobby started the fight... Joe basically saved his ass including his own. Who knows what the other dude could of pulled out the trunk, even if its a knife.. But obviously most likey was a gun

    • Balloon Poop
      Balloon Poop

      I legit wouldn't want to be anywhere near Bobby holding a gun

    • Matthew G
      Matthew G


    • Joe Shuffield
      Joe Shuffield

      It would be a shit show. Joe would end up eating bobby. Lol

    • Bl Ump
      Bl Ump

      I would watch this.

  • Travis

    Ok I understand why George is made fun of lol. He must be insanely loyal

  • Doja The Don
    Doja The Don

    why the fuck didn’t i hear no fucks

  • Bob Lob-Law
    Bob Lob-Law

    Bro I've almost been killed by Gang members twice.. Story 1: So I was 19yo and my friend was throwing a house party in Oceanside Ca while his mom was out of town. His mom was crazy strict policy about no smoking weed in the house, so he was policing that party making sure nobody was smoking inside.. My friend goes up to these bald Mexican dudes (who neither of us know) with face and head tattoos and asks them to put out their blunts. They laugh at him so he walks off kinda pissed off. I'm drunk as sh$t so I decide it would be a good idea if I walk up to them and threaten to kick them out if they don't take the blunt outside. Some nasty words were exchanged and maybe because I'm a big dude they just walked outside. One of my friend's buddies comes up to me and say's "you might wanna hold this", and he shows me a his gun he had tucked in his belt. I think it should be noted that I'm not "Bout that life" so naturally my wiener shriveled up into my body a little bit. I asked him "why do I need that?" To which he replied "because those dudes might try and kill you, they're MS13" At this point I'm starting to get a little scared.. So I dip out of the party immediately. I'm speed walking outside to my car and just as I'm getting into my car I see 4 dudes walking towards me about 100 feet away. One of them yelled out "let me talk to you for a second". I've never started my car faster. Luckily I got a way, but If I left that house 5 seconds later... I almost died that night Story 2: So I'm in my early 20's. I rented out a room from this older dude that was growing a bunch of weed in his backyard greenhouse. He called himself a pirate and kinda looked like one too lol. Nice guy but admitted to me that he had a little bit of a past... No big deal, who doesn't right? He said that he was a "Biker" and that most of his friends are bikers. So fast forward to about 2 months of me living there and he asks me if I'd like to go with him and his girlfriend to a BBQ that his friends were throwing... I didn't think twice, it was food and I was crazy baked and had the munchies.. Anyway we show up to this plot of land in the middle of the country. "No big deal" I think. "Country folk makes good BBQ too." We get closer to the house and I see about 15 or 20 motorcycles parked. I'm starting to get a little skittish, mainly because that's not usually the crowd I'm around, but I'm open to new experiences and I'm high as a kite and hungry. We sit down and my roommate introduces me to everyone. I couldn't help but notice that they were all wearing vests, and on them were FREE SOUL patches with 1%er patches.. For those of you that don't know "Free Souls" are a 1%er biker gang. At this point I'm uncomfortable but I'm still composed. And the BBQ was some of the best food I've ever had... We're sitting around the table drinking and eating, I've not said a single word the whole time. Then I overhear a conversation about how one of their cousins is dating a black dude. All of the sudden they starting joking about how they might "sting him up." Dropping N bombs. (I think this is a good time in the story to let all of you know that I'm HALF BLACK!) I have really light skin and it was dark outside, so they clearly didn't know that I was mixed. Aaaand the way that I saw it, it was in my best interest if they NEVER discovered that I was mixed. My roommate looks at me and I looked back, I shook my head and whispered to him "please don't". He stands up and says "I'm gonna have to stop you guys, my roommate is Black and I don't think he likes you guys talking like that." For the second time in my life I shit my pants a little in fear. The whole party went quiet, everybody went silent until this Biker chick looked at me and asked "do you know where the F*ck you're at." Luckily my roommate was like their mentor or something and they must've respected him, because they changed their tune a little. One dude said "well you don't look black." You might be thinking, why didn't I just leave? Well because I didn't drive there, I hitched a ride with my roommate and he didn't wanna leave.. No joke, the whole time there was like 2 guys staring at me every time I moved or got out of my seat.. Genuine fear

  • Brian N
    Brian N

    Okay comment diggers..... who is *bleep*?

    • Johan Smallberries
      Johan Smallberries

      @yabigitisine lots of people say he can be an elitist prick. Even mindy kaling said he treated her like dirt as a writer at first. Like, you either wrote for the Harvard lampoon or you were nobody.

    • yabigitisine

      B.J Novak from The Office

  • Vincent Montgomery
    Vincent Montgomery

    Who’s name are their blurring our

    • yabigitisine

      B.J Novak from The Office

  • Jane Parks
    Jane Parks


  • Jose BOLO Arrieta
    Jose BOLO Arrieta

    Get Joe Rogan on tiger belly !!! 🔔 🔔

    • maniazadi

      Rogan wont come. He rarely does other peoples podcasts

    • Brian N
      Brian N

      Too much pride to ask.....

  • John Schneller
    John Schneller

    Joe told this story on his podcast already

  • Terra Firma
    Terra Firma

    Amazed bobby hasn't gone on his podcast or vice versa

    • Jeff Mejias
      Jeff Mejias

      He was there with Joe twice, and one time with Khalyla on a fight companion when Joe was out.

    • Really Now
      Really Now

      bobby was one of the pioneer guests when jre was just starting

  • oceanwavesandcocaine

    Bobby > Joe , only clowns sell out to Spotify where they sensor your podcast like with Alex Jones etc ....

    • Mochix

      IRbin was going to end up censoring Joe eventually, why not take 100m. 99% of people would, the 1% already have 100m.

    • Will De La Rosa
      Will De La Rosa

      Joe left IRbin due of censorship and Spotify is ended up being a shit show too so it’s what it is.

    • Johan Smallberries
      Johan Smallberries

      Looks up net worth of Bobby vs Joe.. yeah.. that’s a lot of extra 0s..

    • Cesar 2
      Cesar 2

      But $100,000,000 lol. It almost makes no difference anyways

    • Grumpy Bigfoot
      Grumpy Bigfoot

      Nobody cares.

  • Quincy Rodgers
    Quincy Rodgers

    Joe told this exact story on his podcast :)

  • Heath Sanders
    Heath Sanders

    Bobby and Rogan do not like each other, too bad cause it would be gold if they did each other's podcast

    • Ash Williams
      Ash Williams

      Bobby and Joe get along fine. Did you even listen to this one before you commented?

    • Will De La Rosa
      Will De La Rosa

      lol not true

    • BallwrsGalaxy

      Wtf are you on about? Joe likes Bobby.

    • Anthony

      isnt true lol

    • StrawKid

      Joe loves bobby, the fuck are you talking about... Joe told Bobby he wasn't allowed on the podcast until he did a special.

  • Nihaal Mander
    Nihaal Mander

    In Rogan’s version they were gonna die coz of bobby

    • Lancer Maza
      Lancer Maza

      @BVD everybody who listen to JRE knows that.

    • BVD

      @Lancer Maza yeah that’s what joe said exactly lol have an original thought

    • Brant Matlock
      Brant Matlock

      In Bobby's version there were gonna die because of bobby. Get the Dick out of yalls ears.

    • Lancer Maza
      Lancer Maza

      Yeah, Bobby is that guy who doesn’t know how to feel the temperature of the room. Lol

    • Mochix

      @C All If you watch the podcast from JRE where Bobby Lee is a guest, Bobby Lee said that he wanted to impress Joe Rogan because he was a headliner or something like that. Bobby Lee admits it was his fault, in that situation I probably would have dipped asap. lmao

  • somebodyonce toldme
    somebodyonce toldme

    Lmfao wanted to hear if Bobby tells a different version of this since rogan told this story

    • Neil Wilson
      Neil Wilson

      @oceanwavesandcocaine yeas his least watched episode has had more views than tigerbelly lol

    • somebodyonce toldme
      somebodyonce toldme

      @oceanwavesandcocaine and how does that relate

    • B R
      B R

      @oceanwavesandcocaine jre has been gold for mma fans tho

    • oceanwavesandcocaine

      Joe Rogan ain’t had a podcast hit in months while Bobby been dropping 💎

  • E H
    E H

    Good evening, King Bobby!

  • A Park
    A Park

    Joe Rogan should come on Tigerbelly or vice versa! 😱

    • CHUY

      Joe is the A side lee needs to get his ass over there LOL

    • A Park
      A Park

      @oceanwavesandcocaine oh yeah completely forgot it was dead 😂

    • oceanwavesandcocaine

      Nah Bobby needs to be on that dead podcast ,

  • StumpyComedyAct


  • Relapsation

    I miss this setup

    • cynical

      ikr. just seems so comfortable and safe. idk why.

  • Matt S
    Matt S


    • EVALDO TIGER 401
      EVALDO TIGER 401

      2nd.. Damnit! lol