How Bobby Lee and Khalyla Use Reverse Psychology on Rudy ft. Bert Kreischer
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 286) -
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  • Edwin Aguilar
    Edwin Aguilar

    As a dad I understand bert 100% with that story about his daughter and the bikes

  • luke newtoff
    luke newtoff

    Did anyone else see the diaper ad with the baby with a six pack?

  • Abun Dance
    Abun Dance

    I don;t understand why Rudy hasnt been a guest on Tierbelly. The fans love her! Shes awesome! You guys should do an episode where shes straight up treated like a guest. Where they ask her about life and tell us stories involving her and her opinions on life. It be funny and heartwarming. And of course Bobby does a thoughtful and funny intro about her.


    Damn Rudy cute =)

  • Hanzifcation

    Everyone is going nuts with the pandemic it’s normal.

  • BatOutOfHell

    Anybody else notice Burts eyes cross when he laughs? Almost like it takes up too much brain power

  • LemonNation

    Bert was right though, his girl is disrespecting him.

  • Fed420 0
    Fed420 0

    So are Rudy and Khalyla blood family?

  • Tim Morris
    Tim Morris

    Bobby won't let her go spearfishing with Bert😂

  • Loma Builday
    Loma Builday

    Good ol blart being able to be a comedian that tells stories and gets paid to do that and able to do what he makes money to do.

  • Daniel Yon
    Daniel Yon

    Burnt Kristals is so racist and fat.

  • Bnast559

    Bobby or Andrew will start sleeping with Rudy I say give or take a year

  • Aragorn Arathorn
    Aragorn Arathorn

    Hit em!

  • Pochonesian

    I always liked Bert. He is clearly and good man with a kind heart. I never followed him as much as Tom and Bobby... I’ll say this, hearing him speak on his family really impresses me.

  • Ben Fredrickson
    Ben Fredrickson

    Yes! Bert coming in with the Everett Aquasox hat. What a hellhole...

    • TheBlacksheep1313

      I thought I recognized that logo.

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard

    Most eloquent I’ve heard Bert ever be

  • NotHim DeSoto
    NotHim DeSoto

    Lol good Lord Bert looks haggard AF he looks 55

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost

    only bert can turn someone asking for advice - into - a five minute story about him. p.s. question asker - because of the age gap you dont have a shared history with your little brother, butt out, its not your fight move on...wait ten years and try again. The ten year rule is how you treat family. try with them - if the stress is too much - try again in ten years...

  • Honest Insincerity 2
    Honest Insincerity 2

    Good ol Blart, always able to turn a question into a story about himself

  • C- Lo
    C- Lo

    The alcoholic gets bitter and angry....hmmmm weird.

    • Michael

      And no one else does ? Lol

  • Daniel Ratspliff
    Daniel Ratspliff


  • Wes Manoff
    Wes Manoff

    God I thought everyone in the comments and the video was about "reSERVE" psychology..............

  • Aleksi Suuronen
    Aleksi Suuronen

    I had a Really stormy relationship with my 2 years older sister for pretty much our whole childhood. We are just so completely polar opposite persons in so many ways that I don't think there was much to do about it. I certainly hated her but it was mostly sitsuational and I did also love her and something outside our family attacking her or something was a big nono and same I think went both ways. Since we have become adults it's been for the most parts pretty good and no problems but sometimes some tension might arise but it is what it is. I think the big thing is just remember they are your family in the end of the day no matter what.

  • Nibs Sean
    Nibs Sean

    She single handedly makes bad friends the podcast that it is

  • johan eugen
    johan eugen

    this fat bloated man is unreal. the segment is about giving them advice, and instantly he starts talking about himself and his family jesus does people like this guy

  • D.mass10

    gilbert click baiting an underage girl lul oof

    • sepulfan02

      Rudy is 19

  • MadeInTejas

    It can’t be tiger belly without Bobby

    • Jon Codeine
      Jon Codeine

      they should have called it bertbelly

  • Ashton Walters
    Ashton Walters

    I mean. He should raise his kid to be respectful rofl. He is in the right.

  • K Ben24
    K Ben24

    Still don't understand how Rudy ended up on Bad Friends... How did Khalyla let that happen?? It's like an emotional abuse dungeon over there.

    • RytolPiab

      Theyre doing her a HUGE solid. She goofs around on her phone and occasionally does some improv while building her resume/ internet following and possibly making bank.

    • passerby

      It's an extra curricular for her it looks good on a college resume or job application. It's smart parenting to be honest. Think of a dad emplyoing his son at his job.

    • Gregg Fowl
      Gregg Fowl

      Because they are doing "reserve" psychology on her

  • Kristopher Hanson
    Kristopher Hanson

    It’s reverse!

  • Cason Bunch
    Cason Bunch

    hell yeah love some good old reserve psychology

  • Kat Rabbit
    Kat Rabbit

    Oh my god... the haircut idea was sold so well by Bertha that I forgot it's just a little bit psychotic 😂

  • Tom Nicholopoulos
    Tom Nicholopoulos

    TB without Bobby is like Hamlet without Hamlet

    • dim mak
      dim mak

      Seriously lol I didn’t even watch the episode , and I’m only watching this clip cause Bobby is in the title

  • hunited

    This was a good episode despite Bobby's absence.. also George using Rudy as clickbait..common man.

    • Gooniessss

      @Apocalyptic Signs No, he was calling George common.

    • M G
      M G

      @Carlos Gonzalez it’s not actually, it’s their page. People get more views on clips then they do on full episodes.

    • Lu Know It
      Lu Know It

      @anjun Amen

    • anjun

      If you’re like me you listen to bad friends more than you listen to TigerBelly and Rudy is somehow a better third mic than Kalyla. I honestly thought they would give us some more insight but it’s literally like a 15 second mention about Rudy and the rest is Bert going on about himself as usual. I don’t know how the two bears one cave fans do it

    • Carlos Gonzalez
      Carlos Gonzalez

      @Chief Keith I mean your the only one getting caught up on something so small 🤷‍♂️

  • BronnBlackwater

    I dont care about no bobby, bert and khalyla were great!

  • Bernie

    It’s hilarious to shit on him but Bert really is fuckin awesome lol

  • Dirty Jones
    Dirty Jones

    Whoever that is in the thumbnail I want them in my basement.

    • c t
      c t

      Ladies and gentlemen, we found him.

  • Mafia Mentality
    Mafia Mentality

    Reserve psychology is legit something Bobby would say and not know it doesn't mean what he thinks it means.

  • Mason Lopez
    Mason Lopez

    You heard thee elders... reserve psychology!!

  • Luke Lucas
    Luke Lucas

    Where is bobby

  • Connor Jackson
    Connor Jackson

    This pandi is weak as fuck.

  • deedawg71

    why the masks and wall lol

  • Chris Saala
    Chris Saala

    Lmao, love you bert but you need help

  • Brook

    Bert unfunny asl. What a try hard

    • Still_ Steve
      Still_ Steve


    • ron winky
      ron winky

      he comes from the joe rogan school of comedy

    • RocketPawnch

      Then don't watch this episode

    • s


    • Helios


  • J K
    J K

    Where the hell is booby

    • Klay Anthony Clarke
      Klay Anthony Clarke

      @ay yerrr joking about death isn't funny man

    • ay yerrr
      ay yerrr

      He passed away unfortunately dur to covid.... check the tigerbelly Twitter im crying rn

  • facethief

    It's a plandemic. get it straight.

  • Anthony Wandowicz
    Anthony Wandowicz

    Hey everyone your allowed to go outside and to the store what the fuckk is wrong with everyone

  • A Male
    A Male

    No Bobby Bert Kreischer Only Khalaylay Bert Kreischer All of the important factors for a video to fail hard

    • Lonely Grandsouls
      Lonely Grandsouls

      @A Male says the guy that replies. ❤️

    • A Male
      A Male

      @Lonely Grandsouls Yet you're taking it to a new level writing paragraphs that nobody is gonna read lol. Talk about empty and depressing

    • Lonely Grandsouls
      Lonely Grandsouls

      @Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton like they are all confused why are these people so shit at what they do, god damnit it is shit, they suck beyond belief etc and just go to things they know they hate apparently and whine about it. I just don’t understand how empty and sad of a life you have to be living to do that. Because my life is shit and super empty and depressing but they gotta be at a whole knew level.

    • Luis Diaz
      Luis Diaz

      @Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton have you seen the podcast ?

    • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton
      Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton

      @Lonely Grandsouls i'm not surprised that they don't read the comment section for "constructive criticism". people here are toxic af.

  • The Old Night
    The Old Night

    Reserve psychology 😆

    • Maxx

      all fixed now lmao

  • speier

    Reserve ....?

  • Dylan

    I didnt watch this episode in protest to no Bobby.. I miss Slept King.

    • twerpool

      But you clicked on it and commented so you still contributed to the video.

    • s

      ur watching it right now

  • Donte Paris
    Donte Paris

    Reserve or Reverse?

    • Creepy Dingus
      Creepy Dingus

      @Jonathan Rocha - You know damn well Bobby doesn’t do shit but show up and talk.

    • Jonathan Rocha
      Jonathan Rocha

      Bobby wrote the title.

    • rover

      @Creepy Dingus you're over thinking it

    • Lex Maslennikov
      Lex Maslennikov

      @Creepy Dingus That's a very cringy way of looking at it. They reversed the letters in the word "reverse"? I wanna throw up.

    • Char B
      Char B

      @Creepy Dingus Just no

  • Wyatt Haynal
    Wyatt Haynal

    What’s up tb love y’all