How Bobby Lee Got Thrown off a Horse
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 151) -
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  • Seth K
    Seth K

    majestic Korean Kowboy

  • Seahawks and Sonics fan
    Seahawks and Sonics fan

    Bobby probably said " you don't respect my comedy" to the horse

  • Eikichi Onizuka
    Eikichi Onizuka

    Bring the OG Tigerbelly vibes back

  • Mike Tsortos
    Mike Tsortos

    Gilbert interrupts too much

  • winnieblews

    You can tell George loved the bit where bobby fell off.

  • Aaron Reveley
    Aaron Reveley

    It seems like kalaylah has some unresolved issues with Bobby.

  • Jose BOLO Arrieta
    Jose BOLO Arrieta

    Ive been on a desert on a horse with no name. I imagine bobby lee back packing a horse

  • uhhh

    I listen to old tiger belly's every night while I fall asleep and when I wake up at night with extreme anxiety they always help me back to bed. This is one of my favorite episodes I always listen to thanks slept king and queen for your work

  • maniazadi

    I miss the old Tigerbelly

  • Liss cat
    Liss cat

    You know you're a tigerbelly stan when you already know the story before it starts lmao

  • Dean Parfitt
    Dean Parfitt

    I’m willing to bet that wouldn’t be the first time she’s “barebacked a stallion”

  • danny herbert
    danny herbert

    When did Hawaii turn into kawaii? Or is that just what pretentious people call it?

  • Crazy Fool
    Crazy Fool

    She sounds so different

  • valence cartier
    valence cartier

    «because there’s this massive, you know, beast between my legs»

    • TheMotaMage

      I pictured Bobby saying, "I wish I could I had a massive beast between my legs" 🤣🤣

  • dakota jacob
    dakota jacob

    This is the best I've ever seen bobby do at giving up the platform

  • MrBeans

    Yes, its true I do have a portly body, But.....

  • Ryan Bush
    Ryan Bush

    The icy stove tentatively blink because possibility lately reflect beneath a whimsical winter. dependent, racial dredger

  • ElementSilver

    "Bobby and I were in kawaii" Where's kawaii?

    • Fire Cloud
      Fire Cloud


  • Sean La May
    Sean La May

    The one dislike is sizzler

  • Damian Delafosse
    Damian Delafosse

    When Bobby died. I died 😂

  • David Day
    David Day

    Debbie Downer here, Falls from horses are no laughing matter.

    • Bobby Knuckles
      Bobby Knuckles

      Seriously! If it had been Khalayla falling then this story would’ve been a sob story

  • Saint Sataniko
    Saint Sataniko

    What is it about Koreans and Sizzler? It's also David Choe's favorite restaurant.

    • Saint Sataniko
      Saint Sataniko

      @JJ K Haha! Yeah I grew up with Sizzler too and then they all closed down in my city. I do miss those rolls (that Choe rhapsodized about).

    • JJ K
      JJ K

      It’s bomb AF, cheap, and there’s like 5 of them in Korea town

  • Ethan Murray
    Ethan Murray

    Bobby, saw you in "Wrong Missy" last night. What an incredible job! Some of the best acting I've ever seen....ha

  • Zach stringham
    Zach stringham

    Gilbert looks very handsome in this episode

  • Old Goat BBQ
    Old Goat BBQ

    Portly body...thump....😂🤣

  • Pollich Gillen
    Pollich Gillen


  • Rich Piana’s oil pump
    Rich Piana’s oil pump

    Before watching the vid: a horse named sizzler

  • TheMotaMage

    Poor Uncle Tito

  • Dana McWhite
    Dana McWhite

    The horse thought it was panda on its back

  • Brooklyn Brohat
    Brooklyn Brohat

    You lost me when you said Horsey back riding

  • thegood asianwife
    thegood asianwife

    Cool a scallop on a horse

  • Ash Trismegistus
    Ash Trismegistus

    Dumps like a truck truck guys like what what what baby move your......

  • Avon Nabors
    Avon Nabors

    Never let a baby panda ride a horse.

  • Chloe Ellie
    Chloe Ellie

    This is one of my favorite Bobo stories