How Bobby Lee Manifested His Life ft. Chris Kattan
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 282) -
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  • Iambetterthanyou seriously
    Iambetterthanyou seriously

    A gorgeous woman destroying a dumb rich boy in an argument is now my new kink

  • speier

    Bobby doesn’t understand confirmation bias. For every person dreaming of success and finding it, there are 9,999 dreaming of it and failing. You don’t hear about these people because no one cares.

    • LeonPlays

      I don’t think anybody is trying to give Bobby credit. He’s not saying you will achieve everything you attempt to manifest. Your brain filters out 99.999999% of information, manifesting is essentially focusing your brain to spot opportunities you didn’t know you had. It’s something like when you find a food you didn’t think you enjoy, once you know what to look for you suddenly find more and more of that food. By praying, manifesting, dreaming, or writing down goals (they’re all a practice of the same thing) you can orient your life and actual perception to move towards the direction in which you want to head. To boil down Bobby’s success to privilege luck and timing is kinda rude.

  • Grimm Wicked
    Grimm Wicked

    Damn Chris Kattan has me wanting to smoke a doobie with him and talk life and philosophical shyt.

  • Velvet Suede
    Velvet Suede

    Khalyla is 100% on the 4 points she made but manfestation feels more like a singular part of a larger mindset to strive and achieve for yourself. What's that old clichè? A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. To want and believe is an excellect mindset but if your weakest link, as a person, is for example heroin addiction, than the only thing you're manifesting is brain damage and/or a potential o.d. Same deal with the economic/social structure people are born into.

  • It's entirely possible
    It's entirely possible

    Isn't manifestation just doing something and achieving a desired result?

    • ID K
      ID K

      yes (I think)

  • Zac


  • Facit

    Khalyla is spot on with manifestation!

  • Mewo ?
    Mewo ?

    I understand both perspectives, but I agree with Khalyla a lot more. While yes, manifestation is possible for people in the position to do so. I would assume people who are well off and the more "smaller" things of life are less of worry. (Like for example "what am I going to eat today" can have a wide range of responses depending on the person) It could come off as narcissistic. But in a general sense with Khalyla, it makes sense that nobody can truly decide what goes or what happens, it just does. Wants can become a reality to those who have the "Timing, Resources, and Privilege" like she mentioned, having those isn't a bad thing either too. Honestly the mindset of manifestation can be tricky because at what point is it delusional/destructive or ambitious to do better.

  • Adam Fraser
    Adam Fraser

    She’s right .

  • Izayik

    His face belongs on a midget

  • aaron lund
    aaron lund

    Chris looks like mini me

  • Aditya Jaykumar - My Seven Chakras Official
    Aditya Jaykumar - My Seven Chakras Official

    I totally agree with Bobby! Manifestation is powerful and the key is it to assume the wish fulfilled!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I loved this episode! Chris was an excellent guest.

  • Chris Iacono
    Chris Iacono

    Khalyla is pure yawns 🥱

    • JoyfulUniter

      Yeah many times I've thought about not watching this show only because of her presence, she kinda sucks.

  • Ant Des
    Ant Des

    Khalyla is annoying. Not as smart as she thinks she is.

    • Sam the Groce
      Sam the Groce

      @Ant Des yeah I can be bullheaded too ngl but fuck it

    • Ant Des
      Ant Des

      @Sam the Groce never said she wasnt. Clearly shes smart but shes very opinionated and thinks her opinions are facts

    • Sam the Groce
      Sam the Groce

      The Katan and Bobby have just had more time to gain knowledge than she has, she's undeniably smart. Isisiissisusu

  • apollo209

    Chris does have a disarming charm where Bob and Khalyla can open up more.

  • DM

    i like the Katan

  • CJ Apao
    CJ Apao

    Watch out for those Filipinos !!!!