How Bobby Lee Opened Up His Skate Shop
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 154) -
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  • Fables of the Universe
    Fables of the Universe

    I knew a guy who said "fuuuckiiiin aaaaa" when someone told him to do something in place of "cool"

  • N-word Heelflips
    N-word Heelflips

    of course it went bankrupt

  • Jus Tim
    Jus Tim

    If you give someone a loan to open a shop, it doesnt mean you get free stuff from the shop.

  • popwar 122
    popwar 122

    Fuckin a sounds like an angry white guy in a confrontation

  • Haven 4 Life
    Haven 4 Life

    Jim Greco and Andrew Reynolds are legends

  • MrBeans

    Shut up George...

  • ithinkigotworms

    When someone says “fuckn A” you say, “fuck a B it’s got more holes”

  • Stevez oo
    Stevez oo

    More Bobby skate talk pls!

  • Bobby Montiel
    Bobby Montiel

    George is so white 😂😂

  • shad covert
    shad covert

    Lol. It's "fuckin A" Not "fuckin eh?" Lol... She's too funny.

  • nismo510

    "he used a cement sander"

  • nismo510

    Fuckin Ayeee is italian guido talk

  • Chris Marks
    Chris Marks

    Dug this one up in the vault

  • Emeraldforest

    It's "Fuckin' eh", and it's Canadian.

    • nismo510

      @Samuel Woods I understand. Internet be like dat.

    • Samuel Woods
      Samuel Woods

      @nismo510 yeah, I thought you may have been joking but without knowing you I wasn't sure.

    • nismo510

      @Samuel Woods that was a "canadians are too polite joke" but yes the pop culture reference they are talking about is a NY guido thing.

    • Samuel Woods
      Samuel Woods

      @nismo510 Canadians definitely swear a lot, that's weird you don't realise that but I have to agree it is an Italian-Americanism

    • nismo510

      nope. canadians don't swear. it's italian.

  • Israel Gomez
    Israel Gomez

    Flip kick hahahahahahah

  • Jorge Sotomarino
    Jorge Sotomarino

    George saying "Triple Flipkick" just made my day lol

    • Uroosi

      it ruined mine

  • Raymond Osceola
    Raymond Osceola

    Hahah dam. I wanted to here the story at the end

  • steven guevara
    steven guevara

    Kick flip & flip kick the same thing?

  • Mr TripzAlott
    Mr TripzAlott

    I use to go to that skate shop it was by jays burgers on Santa Monica Blvd and Virgil ave we use to go on our way back home after school

  • Tony A
    Tony A

    bobby lee is the fucking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Fougere
    Jacob Fougere

    This mans said tripple filp kick

  • Delaney Elliott
    Delaney Elliott

    Omg her with her hair up

  • Delaney Elliott
    Delaney Elliott

    Khalyla is always on point

    • N-word Heelflips
      N-word Heelflips

      visually? yeah



  • Papa_Sweep

    I hate George

  • Eddie Duran
    Eddie Duran

    I think it's supposed to be Fu**ing A. not Fu**ing ey. maybe I'm wrong.

    • Eddie Duran
      Eddie Duran

      @shayne donnelly oh I see.

    • shayne donnelly
      shayne donnelly

      If you were Canadian it’s fucking eh

  • Dan J
    Dan J

    Fuckin eh is Canadian ya hoser 🇨🇦

  • Pat

    Didn’t expect to ever hear jim Grecos name come out of Bobby’s mouth

    • Haven 4 Life
      Haven 4 Life

      @Ian Hauschild my guy. House of hammers my guy

    • Ian Hauschild
      Ian Hauschild


    • TheWaySheGoes

      i was about to comment the same thing, same with andrew sooo weird hahaha. super cool tho

  • Legacy Monstar
    Legacy Monstar

    There was a zanzabar in Waikiki. Good times

  • Cult Boy
    Cult Boy

    Fuckin’ A

  • Alan Ji
    Alan Ji

    its a great lakes/ ontario thing...fukinArite

  • Diane Williams
    Diane Williams

    The origin of the expression is from the US military in the 40s.

  • Dave Be Bear
    Dave Be Bear

    Wtf that clip should've gone on for at least a few more seconds if not minutes. Shaaaaame

  • Mario Carranza
    Mario Carranza

    “A triple flip kick” 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Adam Hollis
      Adam Hollis

      next he'll be talking about a "shuvit pop "

    • Adam Hollis
      Adam Hollis

      george sure does know his shit lmao

  • If You're In Marketing- Kill Yourself
    If You're In Marketing- Kill Yourself

    Jules et Jim is overrated

  • Brendon Tompa-Clinch
    Brendon Tompa-Clinch

    Bobby is 100% right. Its Canadian. I live in B.C Canada and can vouch for that.

    • Brendon Tompa-Clinch
      Brendon Tompa-Clinch

      @chris gullett huh. Well there you go

    • chris gullett
      chris gullett

      No it is not Canadian. It was used my the military in WW2, and means affirmative. Skaters and potheads did pick it up, and they used it to say awesome. It comes directly from the U.S. government. It is 'A' not 'Eh'.

    • Brendon Tompa-Clinch
      Brendon Tompa-Clinch

      @Winter C. Fuckin eh it is.

    • Winter C.
      Winter C.

      Nah it's not Canadian

  • abraham upshaw
    abraham upshaw

    Im from Canada and can confirm we say fuckin eh

  • Michael Reichard
    Michael Reichard

    Very impressed that Khalylah knew who Matt Hamil was

    • Gianni Puface
      Gianni Puface

      she's heavy into mma

  • C Vandy
    C Vandy

    "Fucking A they have" George got me laughing with that one.

  • Sinner1977

    They have said those.....I've heard it....a thousand times. George, again, is right.

  • 8A Games
    8A Games

    I feel like Khalyka was my wife in a previous life ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t know why but I’m more drawn to her than anyone i have ever encountered.

    • 1Quality1

      @DS A if I was 18 I'd consider it but Bobby would probably be on i- actually yeah if Bobby in on it 💯

    • 8A Games
      8A Games


    • DS A
      DS A

      Would u pay for her only fans if she had one?

    • Luke Ramer
      Luke Ramer

      Cmon guy

    • E Gabriela
      E Gabriela


  • Hometown Dudes
    Hometown Dudes

    Zanzibar Strip Club in Toronto

  • 9 6
    9 6

    Om gam ganapataye namaha

  • Anthony Wandowicz
    Anthony Wandowicz

    Dude bobby knows greco and Reynolds and probably a few others in that krew... I know how.... meetings

    • M •
      M •

      Krew? That’s disgusting it’s 2021 bro

    • Chris Marks
      Chris Marks

      And all the Asian American skaters

    • Chris Marks
      Chris Marks

      And all the Asian American skaters

  • F F
    F F


  • Travis

    Bobby Lee reminds me of a 13 year old. Ya can leave Bobby alone for 2 days but longer... things will start to grow on many skin folds

  • J Mcbride
    J Mcbride

    your actually kind of both right i grew up in the canadien skate comunity and fucking eh!!!! was said a whole lot.

    • shayne donnelly
      shayne donnelly

      Lmao so you grew up in the “Canadian” not canadien skate “community” not comunity. So easy to tell when someone is talking out their ass lmao

  • bucket head
    bucket head

    poor bobby has been taken advantage of for his money as soon as he made it, and people still wonder why this girl is with him...

    • bucket head
      bucket head

      @Sinner1977 lame response

    • Sinner1977

      Lame comment.

  • Broke Knock Life
    Broke Knock Life

    i love tigerbelly i love bo bo