If Tom Segura and Bobby Had to Date Other People They Are Getting Hooked Up
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 289) - irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/pKuWgnWmmHFtuWo.html

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  • DevTheKidd _
    DevTheKidd _

    The way it blurred out when it ended I thought I was having a stroke or something 😂

  • Jarrod Hampton
    Jarrod Hampton

    I though I was going blind at the end of this video 😆

  • ricecristi

    Is Tom still married? Or did his wife divorce him ?

  • thatguy 00
    thatguy 00

    Tigerbelly sucks ass now. I’m here for my main chomo. Don’t get it twisted R words

  • Troy Jones
    Troy Jones

    When Kaylala asks Bobby if that’s how he felt when they got together and unadulterated joy came from Toms eyes it bleed into my soul and also made me happy. Thank you Tom

  • Geff Stiubhairt
    Geff Stiubhairt

    what im saying is is that

  • Drknsss

    As an actor or comedian, you are a walking talking business. Do any businesses you know have any morals? Heard of Facebook? Actors and comedians are contractors that work for bigger companies that eventually get big enough to become their own companies. If you are only an employee you don't have that burden to get the money so comparing the two is dumb. Any performer who laments about how fake or shady Hollywood is does not understand business...., As a performer, who wants to make money is a place where there are possibly hundreds of people in your category/lane, you are not a normal person anymore. Businesses sometimes have to make decisions that push other businesses out of the way so they can feed their employees/families. So many actors do not get it so they do stuff to get the job then try to be friends with the person they took the job from. When Facebook crushes a rival company its not about friendship it's business. The episode where Bobby tells Anne Leiberman he was pissed she was constantly stepping on his bits during a panel for a talk show is a perfect example. Anne and Bobby are two business competing for limited opportunities, so the nervous giggling Anne and Bobby did was a clear acknowledgment of that.

  • Video Start Time Helper
    Video Start Time Helper

    3:35 she's 💯 right, most right she's ever been.

  • Juicy Boiz
    Juicy Boiz

    Just in case, don't click the links that look like a timestamp and the some words below, cause they'll give you a virus

  • T1J

    the way they end these clips in the middle of the convo is brilliant cuz i want to go finish the whole thing

    • James Weishuhn
      James Weishuhn

      You must be the editor 😆

    • DopeSpace9

      Yes! I think about that every time I watch one of these clips. Major props to whoever made that editing decision.

  • justin

    i legitimate dont understand this title

  • TikiShootah

    Oh yeah ladies, tom segura, catch of the century. Get in line lmao 😂

    • lab981

      Current Tom is hot. And all accounts are he's a solid person. Plus, the 💰💰💰

  • Xavier Paquin
    Xavier Paquin

    I'm assessible

  • CezaMVO

    I mean duh come on, can't be with no basic female

  • Cacao to cacao
    Cacao to cacao

    Damn what's going on with the title

  • bucket head
    bucket head

    no matter how much the former nurse with a boob job tries to defend it, bobby hooked her up with the easiest life possible.

    • Diana Desmond
      Diana Desmond

      She also mentioned when she did the podcast with Erik Griffin, she couldn’t even finish nursing school because her hands would get too sweaty. She tutored in college instead. She says she’s a nurse but I always say bs whenever she says it. What a gold digger

  • Broke Knock Life
    Broke Knock Life

    man i resonate toooooo much with the "stepping into my world" thing.

  • Journey Rude
    Journey Rude

    Shitty title that's why these clips don't ever get views

    • kaitlin_08

      Title was the only reason I clicked tbh

  • Elias Romero
    Elias Romero


  • Elias Romero
    Elias Romero