Khalyla Is Getting Better at Pretending to Care About Warzone w/ Bobby Lee
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 276) -

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  • Alyssa Schwartz
    Alyssa Schwartz

    You guys should play Kalimba with eachother! It's not the newest game but a puzzleish game you'd like for sure! I always loved watching Jenna Marbles and Julien playing

  • Alyssa Schwartz
    Alyssa Schwartz


  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio

    The first trailer for cyberpunk 2077 cane out in 2013. Bobby's not too far off when he says hes been waiting for 14 years

  • thomas deeter
    thomas deeter

    I really hope Bobby Lee is doing well. I love his way of humor. He's interesting and humble.

  • c420yr

    Cuz those twitch checks are coming in so of course shes cool with it lol

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Khayla is like the perfect girlfriend/person

  • Yeo Ana
    Yeo Ana

    The best kind of girlfriend/wife KOASKPODA ♥

  • Jack Horseman
    Jack Horseman

    What is Ruby’s rank in Valorant?

  • Liban Valladares
    Liban Valladares

    He needs to stream his gameplay

    • Cesar 2
      Cesar 2

      He absolutely needs to start doing it. I can almost guarantee that it'll make him an extra 6 figures if he were to stream on twitch

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy

    She would have nothing or be no one without Bobby and she’s shitting on his hobby, unacceptable behaviour.

    • Leon

      Not true she had a pretty good job lined up before this stuff

  • Lawrence Luther
    Lawrence Luther

    lol the game was broken on PS5

  • Boats N Hoes
    Boats N Hoes

    Talks about Warzone Has Cold War in thumbnail smh


    There comes a point in all boys lives when they become a man, it's when they put away the joystick...

  • Michael Joèl
    Michael Joèl

    she has serial killer eyes

  • atlas

    Slept King PC master race 2021 get to it George c’mon buddy

  • X3MA

    The PS 5 can barely run the game lmfao. Bobby has all the resources to make the baddest gaming PC, and yet these goons keep playing on consoles.

    • X3MA

      @TheNoobPube You have no idea what you're saying. LOL.

    • TheNoobPube

      Also the ps5 is as good as any current gaming pc.

    • TheNoobPube

      Consoles are more comfortable. They're optimized for gaming. A keyboard and mouse was made to write forms.

  • loismustdie946

    Are ya winning Bobby?

  • Noah Bird
    Noah Bird

    Cyberpunk is best on PC. RTX 2070 or better for the whole get up. Do it.

  • Markku Hänninen
    Markku Hänninen

    He needs PC, no console peasantry

    • Austin E
      Austin E


  • D P
    D P

    Cyberpunk 2077 designed for pc but it was being worked on when the xbox 360 was out and the xbox one wasn't announced

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    CYPERPUNK IS TRASH. The graphics trash. The gameplay trash. The glitches, there's alot of them. GTA V that came out 8 years ago for a console that was 3 generations before the ps5 and what cyberpunk is being played on and yet better graphics better gameplay better physics better everything. Now imagine GTA VI for ps5 and how insane it should be. No one will ever play another game. Hell is still play gta 5 on my ps3 in 2021

    • 5thGen

      Shut up kid. Cry me a river!

  • Nathen Lorenzi
    Nathen Lorenzi

    I’m 20 and my older brother would never play a game with me anymore

  • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton
    Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton

    Bobby you've made millions from grinding and working hard. I think it's time for you to treat yourself with a gaming PC that can run Cyberpunk 2077 on 4k 60fps

    • Sukoiy

      @XisTheStart this is also true 💀💀

    • XisTheStart

      he can barley work doordash XD

  • Dijon

    Bro I have to play with Bobby Lee🙏🏽

  • warlock thankless
    warlock thankless

    Licks is so foineee. Hmmm.

  • vikingnor h
    vikingnor h

    take that dumb mask off.

  • ChrishyChrish

    Queens gambit : REALLY GOOD

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi

    dont show females warzone. they dont get it. cant play it. its no different to men being berated for playing too much fantasy football league😁😁😁

  • Sean Carlo Lorenzo
    Sean Carlo Lorenzo

    Hahaha your a hero bobby

  • steak and rice
    steak and rice

    yo her impression of steve lmaoooo

  • Sofian Madi
    Sofian Madi

    Are you winning son?

  • bob hope
    bob hope

    khalyla cheats on bobby everyday i have proof

  • Patrick Foley
    Patrick Foley

    I'm counting down the days until she finally loses it and cheats with someone attractive and attentive. Bobby's just asking for it at this point.

    • Jonathan Lau
      Jonathan Lau

      u ok man?

    • henry

      somebody jealous

    • epa dedrater
      epa dedrater

      Yo mama

  • Jeeves the Gentleman
    Jeeves the Gentleman

    They should play A Way Out

  • Andrew Madera
    Andrew Madera

    Replace the editor cam with a logo lol

  • jay nunya
    jay nunya

    Kalayla is from the last Generation of women dont play video games.

    • Son

      I'm from Ireland and I'm 21 and don't rly know any girls my age that play games.

    • Mateo

      Among us doesnt count lol

  • ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
    ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    I think bob should use mouse n keyboard

  • Martin Jose
    Martin Jose

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • iamcem

    khalyla is trying to shadow play the shadow lord, she cannot outwit him in a battle of shadows

  • Matthew Folsom
    Matthew Folsom

    Just got done downloading War Zone on pc

    • Tu Pai
      Tu Pai

      @awtsui lol

    • awtsui

      he wrote this comment from the gulag

    • Patrick Hughes
      Patrick Hughes

      u have a lot to learn grasshopper

  • Therileyrileyriley

    9th comment! Too fast for you guys.

  • Kenny Lyric
    Kenny Lyric

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Brooklyn Brohat
    Brooklyn Brohat

    I have no idea what you're talking about 😂😂😂

  • MYN

    Bobby I wanna game with you add me imthemyn PSN and Xbox

  • OG Gamers
    OG Gamers

    Cyberpunk is not playable on console 😂

    • 5thGen

      Never had a problem on my ps5

    • Eraser Traceur
      Eraser Traceur

      @OG Gamers not as much though... Ive heard it crashes on high end PCs sometimes, they rushed the game a bit imo

    • Brandon Moss
      Brandon Moss

      Quite playable on my base xbox one

    • John Tetzler
      John Tetzler

      i played through on ps4. had 1 crash and a handful of slow textures. it was fun and better yet free for me.

    • Mickey Rube
      Mickey Rube

      Stadia!!! yeah!!!

  • Mondeezul

    I love this podcast so much