MadTV vs SNL w/ Bobby Lee and Chris Kattan
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 282) -
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#madtv #snl #christkattan

  • Pat Ozols
    Pat Ozols

    You'll never guess how hot Kattan's girlfriend is. It's surreal.

  • dramatime101

    His voice sounds like a creeky door 😂

  • TheJkisboss

    Has he come out of the closet yet?

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber

    ...i did not Know He sounded Like this.

  • Ryan Arroyo
    Ryan Arroyo

    This dude is sniffing coke in Beverly Hills, I saw him

    • Joe Z
      Joe Z

      Like right now?

  • joshua w
    joshua w

    Why they sound exactly the same 😂😂

  • Elena Pietrafesa
    Elena Pietrafesa

    Cheri oteri!

  • Elena Pietrafesa
    Elena Pietrafesa

    What purpose does the girl serve? She never talks.

    • Clint Wolfrom
      Clint Wolfrom

      Maybe in this clip, but she brings the lolz in other clips/episodes. She plays the important role of the straight man to Bobby Lee

  • Elena Pietrafesa
    Elena Pietrafesa

    Kattan should be a huge star with his talent.

  • Bakersfield California bring criminals to Justice
    Bakersfield California bring criminals to Justice

    What is love babe don't hurt me no more..🎙🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶

  • daniel page
    daniel page

    Hey Kattan, you own a doghouse?

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker

    I would like to know how much audiences get paid for laughing maniacally after every word

  • XForevaElla

    Did Chris Kattan lose a tooth? 🧐

  • Travis botello
    Travis botello

    I love listening TigerBelly and playing the drinking game every time Khalyla says Philippines or Filipino!

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L

    SNL wouldve been lucky to have had Bobby

  • broadwayij


  • Paul Padilla
    Paul Padilla

    He seems gay to me never met someone so gay that says they aren’t gay. But anyways he says he’s not so I don’t care

  • Michael T
    Michael T

    Kattan had some of the best characters on SNL. Mango!

  • Jake Ritzheimer
    Jake Ritzheimer

    Such a great episode. Chris was a joy to listen to.

  • Nut Chunder
    Nut Chunder

    In the shadow of Norm

  • Zakary Walczak
    Zakary Walczak

    I was waiting for Bobby to ask about Kattan's relationship with Norm Macdonald on SNL 😏

  • Cessy Estrada
    Cessy Estrada

    Can’t forget about the king of SNLChris Farley

  • Gavin Coates
    Gavin Coates

    Somehow expected Chris to not mention norm Macdonald as one of the talented members of his snl class

  • Tony Montes
    Tony Montes

    Somehow everything leads back to the Philippines

  • Marco Escobar
    Marco Escobar

    He didn’t mention Norm Macdonald lmao

  • Natural Born Master
    Natural Born Master

    It’s Corky Romano

  • LJ Lowery
    LJ Lowery

    Chris and the wolf of wall street have the same voice. Just listen

  • firdaus125

    I thought the roxbury guy was jimmy fallon lol

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris

    Chris Kattan looks like he is slowly morphing into Warwick Davis

    • Elena Pietrafesa
      Elena Pietrafesa

      Aw snap

    • Vato

      Except Chris Kattan has knees!

    • Vickie Lawson
      Vickie Lawson


  • StevenM801


  • my cock is tiny but,
    my cock is tiny but,

    Never met a guy so gay that says he's not gay

    • my cock is tiny but,
      my cock is tiny but,

      @Justin Velazquez its a norm Macdonald quote about Kattan. Andy dick is openly bi

    • Justin Velazquez
      Justin Velazquez

      Have you ever heard of Andy Dick?

  • Nathaniel Vargas
    Nathaniel Vargas

    You would not find a doghouse in this man’s yard

    • Creepy Dingus
      Creepy Dingus norm

    • peter delamothe
      peter delamothe

      It had to be said

  • BionicThiago123

    Ah yes, Wimbledon tennis. That classic of American television 🤣

  • Amber Roberson
    Amber Roberson

    No, you can not have the Mango! Keep him, madtv all day everyday, period. MadTv would be criticized and cancelled if I was on today as well as in living color

  • iincx

    I got in trouble so many times, staying up late to watch new MadTv episodes.... I never did anything to watch lame SNL :P, except the 70's episodes when they were great.

  • rythmosrythmos

    So many of these have Kalyla trailing of at the end . Kinda sad

  • Leandro Aguilar Jr.
    Leandro Aguilar Jr.

    No! Noooo! Too sexy! Too sexy!!!..... But I must!

  • Salts

    Theres a reason you dont hear about Chris Kattan anymore..

    • Aditya Jaykumar - My Seven Chakras Official
      Aditya Jaykumar - My Seven Chakras Official

      He broke his neck and had an injury

    • Chavez Poindexter
      Chavez Poindexter

      Because he doesnt even own a doghouse?

    • MrSpeedyAce

      Which is.....?

  • CollectorCole

    Clip cuts out at great time

  • Pab1it0

    Thumbs down due to the simple FACT they left out the great Norm Macdonald out of that conversation...

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia

    Only real ones remember the Roxbury. EMILIO ESTEVEZ

    • Joe Powell
      Joe Powell

      You can take away our keys and you can take away our phones but you can not take away our dreams!! Ya cause were like sleeping when were having them

    • MrSpeedyAce

      @Brenden Crowe Do you want to....? 🤣

    • Quicc Hitter
      Quicc Hitter

      "So.. you guy's wanna make out or what?!"

    • Brenden Crowe
      Brenden Crowe

      “Did you just grab my ass?”

    • Isaiah Garcia
      Isaiah Garcia

      @MrSpeedyAce was still awesome seeing it young😂 IKEA

  • Vyzter

    Listening to you guys tell old stories would be fucking amazing. Please do more stuff with him🤞🏼

  • Kitty Kitty Boom Boom
    Kitty Kitty Boom Boom

    Is Kattan gay?

    • Kitty Kitty Boom Boom
      Kitty Kitty Boom Boom

      @Josh Craig One word. Norm.

    • Josh Craig
      Josh Craig

      Would it make a difference on his entertainment value if he was?

  • Ranbir Dhillon
    Ranbir Dhillon

    MadTv over SNL all day!

  • Armando B.
    Armando B.

    What is love? Baby Don't Hurt Me. Don't Hurt Me. No More. " I broke the window again "

    • Stephen Dexheimer
      Stephen Dexheimer

      Dad's gonna be pissed

  • Trevor Hisanian
    Trevor Hisanian

    Did Kattan talk over Khalyla the entire session?

    • The Unknown Psycho
      The Unknown Psycho

      So what.

    • Mark Laurence Firmeza
      Mark Laurence Firmeza


  • Nathan Freeman
    Nathan Freeman

    Such a great dynamic

  • Cap'n Slap'n
    Cap'n Slap'n

    he sounds like he's using a voice filter of his own voice

    • Aditya Jaykumar - My Seven Chakras Official
      Aditya Jaykumar - My Seven Chakras Official

      He broke his neck

  • Big Cream
    Big Cream

    Whats up with his voice?

  • Mike Pantaleo
    Mike Pantaleo


  • 4TimesAsFunky

    Bobby was to MadTV what Kattan was to SNL.

    • my cock is tiny but,
      my cock is tiny but,

      @MrSpeedyAce ummmmm.......😆 🤣 😂 if you were talking 70s and 80s snl yeah. Cause the whole crew was stolen from national lampoon. But after that, it's just as simple as mad. Just not as funny

    • MrSpeedyAce

      @jeffrey crain Madtv was for low-iq comedy. Just cheap laughs for the simple man.

    • jeffrey crain
      jeffrey crain

      SNL was shit compare to Madtv

  • J H
    J H

    Mad TV was way funnier raunchier effective than SNL. Mad TV had Bobby and Key & Peele, not to mention the others that came through. Even though SNL has more legends, MAD TV always made me gut laugh so hard.

    • Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !
      Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !

      Well snl is like a watered mainstream product that is backed by celebrity endorsement and people buy it whether it is good or not. MadTV is more natural and relatable then that.

    • Kat Rabbit
      Kat Rabbit

      @dapsalad etc that's a fair reason for you to like it better, no worries. I still prefer MadTV over SNL mostly for nostalgia and just silly slapstick comedy, but that's just me 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • dapsalad etc
      dapsalad etc

      @Kat Rabbit hard disagree. MadTV was cringe most of the time with lots of editing. SNL is mostly cringe too but at least they’re doing in it live.

    • Gregg Fowl
      Gregg Fowl

      Yeah both has legendary comedians but madtv had better writers

    • Kat Rabbit
      Kat Rabbit

      they had Ms Swan... I mean, cmon

  • Layne Holman
    Layne Holman

    I never realized Chris Kattan's voice sounded like a deflating balloon being fucked by a cat until now.

  • Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges

    4th dammit

  • Mark Sanderson
    Mark Sanderson

    first bb