No One Is Calling Papa Bobby Lee
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 201) -
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  • investigationsofadog

    Prefer it without the lines

  • Maksud Hossain
    Maksud Hossain

    Love the lines separating the split screens...looks good George!

  • M G
    M G

    Bro I love you but I honestly lost a ton of respect when you said you backed out of that show when they were prepared for you. You don’t realize the amount of people you effected, there were multiple people that had to scramble and work harder simply because you couldn’t show.

  • BestmindYa bidd
    BestmindYa bidd

    She always seems to one up everyone alot. As soon as she started talking i wrote this and am now changing the videooo

  • Derly Calza
    Derly Calza

    But they did call him for crazy rich Asians but he didn't want to read for it?

  • Pa Vang
    Pa Vang

    Heidi and frank? I love them on dish nation.

  • Carlyn

    A very random clip 🤔

  • Wondering Why
    Wondering Why

    12/20/2020 .... My first viewing of this; Little Bobby Lee is a master manipulator ya gotta luv the real fakeness It's all about the money.

  • Molasses Malone
    Molasses Malone

    You shouldn't have to audition! Your the goat 🐐 bobby

  • Lofi Cam
    Lofi Cam

    I dont know a lot about bobby in detail, but it seems to me that calling out of gigs like he did and some of the bad experiences of his past probably is known by other hollywood higher ups if not worse things that have not been made public, bobby should really do a redemption for his actions in a way and try his best to not be a handful to deal with which im sure other asian actors arent. Not trying to say boby isnt as funny because to me he is funnier but still once you get a bad rap for being a call out or ect its hard to get gigs or jobs

  • Little Viking coach
    Little Viking coach

    Get Henry cho on the show the OG asian stand up comic

  • Bob dylan
    Bob dylan

    Which DC movie did bobby audition for?

    • link marquez
      link marquez

      He was supposed to be the original aqua man

  • The Unknown Psycho
    The Unknown Psycho

    People calling youtubers or comedians "papa" are cringy

    • Sam W
      Sam W

      It’s comedy buddy, meant to be a joke

    • J Wizdum
      J Wizdum

      @aah luckily Bobby’s not a IRbinr

  • ZoOutlaw SlayKing
    ZoOutlaw SlayKing

    I hate when it starts with Khalyla with her fake of the fakest laughter 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • ZoOutlaw SlayKing
      ZoOutlaw SlayKing

      @Cashen True.. Bobby knows it too but she's in too deep now.. She said she's not a gold digger... Imagine if there was a machine calculating the amount of Bobby's money she spent off camera from the first day she appeared..😂

    • Cashen

      She's the most annoying person I've seen on a podcast consistently honestly. Im tempted to change the video when she starts talking

  • Tony Holsenbeck
    Tony Holsenbeck

    Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Sam W
    Sam W

    Has anyone seen “Out of Love”? It’s a short film starring Papa that he actually kills it in! Would definitely love to see him do more dramatic roles. Check it out it’s on IRbin! I’m surprised he’s never talked about it on TB

    • Ethan Griffith
      Ethan Griffith

      @Sam W Don't know if I remember, it was sort of a throw away part of the conversation. A guest brought it up and he quickly moved on because he didn't want to talk about it.

    • Sam W
      Sam W

      @Ethan Griffith Do you remember which episodes by any chance?

    • Ethan Griffith
      Ethan Griffith

      He has talked about it on TB before but not enough. It’s honestly incredible.

    • Cody Dillard
      Cody Dillard

      I thought i was the only fan who saw that honestly. Im not that into film but found it hilarious just under the surface of the love story. Kinda blew my mind.

  • Ash Williams
    Ash Williams

    Bobby still thinks he´s gonna be a movie star and can´t enjoy his internet success. That´s sad.

    • s

      @Ash Williams you just sound jealous of bobby you need to work on yourself first

    • Battler Evil
      Battler Evil

    • Battler Evil
      Battler Evil

      Have you seen him in the dictator? To me every time he was on screen I laughed the hardest.

    • Benyamin Miller
      Benyamin Miller

      @Ash Williams ok dr Phil

    • Ash Williams
      Ash Williams

      @s I know, but 15 seconds in each movie, and he´s not very good. He found his place in podcasts and he doesn´t like it.

  • Dwamp TheDad
    Dwamp TheDad

    Merry Christmas, Kitty tum-tum family!

  • Wyatt Haynal
    Wyatt Haynal

    First lol always👍👍 love you guys so much. Bobby you’re the reason I’m going to be a stand up comedian

    • Christo Fortune
      Christo Fortune

      @v luvit! because his name is Wyatt.

    • v luvit!
      v luvit!

      @Christo Fortune why are you like this?

    • Wyatt Haynal
      Wyatt Haynal

      @Benyamin Miller Las Vegas!!!

    • Christo Fortune
      Christo Fortune

      @Benyamin Miller in his mom’s basement

    • Benyamin Miller
      Benyamin Miller

      Where at ?

  • Sean Wan
    Sean Wan

    old af

    • Stop Time Studio
      Stop Time Studio