The Truth About What Happened in Honduras w/ Bobby Lee and Carlos Mencia
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 279) -
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  • Jose Daniel Gunera Reyes
    Jose Daniel Gunera Reyes

    Greetings from Honduras...We're sorry for Ned.

  • David Haley
    David Haley

    They went pretty HARD IN DA PAINT on this guy, but he does seem to live in his own bubble. Curious what he's worth today?

  • ƚΞIϽıịıCIΞƚ

    We had the same tradition back then, the day before Christmas eve my dad or my uncle would usually kill, no i should say slaughter two or sometimes three pigs and i will never ever forget the screams of these poor creatures. The pigs knew about what was going to happen with them when we picked them and were screaming the entire time. Back then when I was a child it was normal to me or at least i wasn't realizing what was going on. 25 years later it still haunts me when i think about it. Thank God my family migrated to Germany and i became vegan ever since.

  • Ricky Ticky
    Ricky Ticky

    If it wasn't for Ned, comedy wouldn't exist. 🙄

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    Always felt bad for Mencia, but actually he really acts like a know it all.. yes, yeah , right right,..... STFU

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta


  • Neai Tuppi
    Neai Tuppi

    I am genuinely pleased to see Carlos Mencia on here. I'm not a fan, but it is cool to see he wasn't buried by the cancel culture.

  • Nm

    This would have been ten times better with out mencia

  • Mason.

    What a self centered rat Carlos is

  • d h
    d h

    Holy duck Mencia got fat. Who’d he steal that from?

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz

    He sounds a lot like joe rogan

  • MrSpeedyAce

    Hey Ned, if you’re reading this, you’re full of BS. Joke-stealer.

  • Gnarr Okomotis
    Gnarr Okomotis

    from 8:25 on look how hard it is for ned to let someone else speak and tell a story...........

  • Bobby Knuckles
    Bobby Knuckles

    Carlos is always so humble when he brags.

  • Gnarr Okomotis
    Gnarr Okomotis

    wow ned really STOLE the interview here lol

  • Fergal mc veigh
    Fergal mc veigh

    Carlos comes across as a legit crazy person the fella is living on an other planet and he still won't admit to stealing jokes, if he had of come out a couple of years ago and held his hands up everything would of been forgiven by now and he could be doing his on podcast and doing other podcasts but I guess it's gone to far now the lie has got to big but the dude is deluded

  • Kinshasa PR.
    Kinshasa PR.

    Love Bobby and Tigerbelly, but that episode was fuckin' atrocious!

  • Joshua Gonz
    Joshua Gonz

    Da Fuk? Why Bobby?

  • Eduardo Escalante
    Eduardo Escalante

    Carlos, that's my joke now, Mencia.

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi

    fuck the Honduras stories. i was all heart warmed and felt bad for this dickhead at the start of the pod.... then after Kh. n Bobby gave him a chance to aologize and move on....this sociopath aka 'father figure to young comics' dug his heels in deeper. blaiming the 'certain narrative' that was built up during his absence from social media/internet . GTFOH. luv bobby. this guy you cant redeem. sorry

  • fuferito

    Is it okay to loathe Ned _and_ Joe Rogan at the same time, like I do?

    • CaseyK

      @Broken Tube ah yes because universal basic income is so right wing

    • Shepp Husky
      Shepp Husky

      @Broken Tube why to people have such a hard time with this? he's left on some issues and right on others. The left just focus in on his right wing thoughts and right focus in on his left wing thoughts. it's fucking sad and closed minded

    • Broken Tube
      Broken Tube

      @Shepp Husky Align himself? Yep. Many moons ago. What?! The recent move to Texas and endless right wing talking points over these past couple of years weren't enough of a hint?! Fence sitter? Nah. He leaped right over the fucker because thar be gold in dem "alt-right" hills!

    • Chim Ritchelds
      Chim Ritchelds

      Both are awful lol joe Rogan is the view for incels

    • Joe Scarborough
      Joe Scarborough

      Sure. We all suck.

  • Butter Chuggins
    Butter Chuggins

    The school of Ned.

    • Richard Perez
      Richard Perez

      Where you learn how to copy off someones paper


    So F ing boring I can't believe they even air this

  • Jazzido Alvarez
    Jazzido Alvarez

    Honestly this interview just made me kinda sad. Mencia got the chance to apologize and accept his fuck ups and he didn't. Then the idiot went and compared stealing jokes with raping. I know it has nothing to do with this clip but dude.

    • Neai Tuppi
      Neai Tuppi

    • Neai Tuppi
      Neai Tuppi

      Yeah, people like to hold onto opinions about shit that really has nothing to do with them. If I am going to whine about someone doing something I think they did, I would hope I would at least pick something I was directly involved with, not what other people talked about.

    • Stephen Dexheimer
      Stephen Dexheimer

      If Carlos had owned up to stealing jokes I feel he would be way more respected in the comedy community but instead he continues to play the victim nonstop

    • broadcastallsongs

      Honestly I've been waiting for those clips. I don't feel like trying to scrub through that whole episodes to find that 10min I'm actually interested in.

    • Corey C
      Corey C

      I thought the same thing. It's sad that his ego is getting in the way of understanding the problem, and the solution to fix it

  • IAmRedherrings

    I dont think ive ever seen a more dislikable person

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    Lol well... for me. Me. ME. ME. ME. Ok we get it Ned everything you touch turns to gold.🙄

    • Pickle Rick
      Pickle Rick

      If by gold you mean good gold. Bobby is gold despite this egotistical turd with legs

    • iLL 6
      iLL 6

      WAS = keyword

    • Empnada Jhhh
      Empnada Jhhh

      I don't think you understand how big Carlos was at the time.

  • oceanwavesandcocaine

    *Joe Rogan fanboys incoming*

  • Broke Frog
    Broke Frog

    i think his heart is in the right place but he needs to own up to whatever people thought he did and just move on!

    • Kinshasa PR.
      Kinshasa PR.

      It's not what people thought he did, there's proof he stole other peoples shit! He'll never move on as long as there's idiots like yourself who enable his actions.

    • Empnada Jhhh
      Empnada Jhhh

      What??? "Own up to what people thought he did?" I think you kicked a dog. Now own up and apologize to me. See how stupid you sound? Carlos doesn't have to apologize if he did nothing wrong. You should be asking why none of the comedians that claimed he stole from them have defended their claims.

  • idont know
    idont know

    Mencia. Definition of a narcissist.

  • Alex Lugo
    Alex Lugo


  • Birdhouse Friend
    Birdhouse Friend

    ah, the least horrifying part of the interview

  • Mike's Vintage Vinyl
    Mike's Vintage Vinyl

    Ned is so full of 💩

  • Empnada Jhhh
    Empnada Jhhh

    So many on the hate bandwagon. They hate carlos for faking his name and Mexican ancestry, as if no artist ever used a persona. Carlos is asking for hard evidence of his theft coming directly from those he wronged. That seems like a reasonable request to me.

    • TG Jump
      TG Jump

      @Arcanecide haha you shut him up after those last two replies.

    • Love Tap
      Love Tap

      "Carlos is asking for hard evidence of his theft coming directly from those he wronged." Yes, yes he does, then shuts them down when they answer and changes the subject.

    • Arcanecide

      @Empnada Jhhh Also why not watch the documentary I Am Comic, in which Ned fully admits to stealing people's work.

    • Arcanecide

      @Empnada Jhhh No. No I'm not. You have access to the internet, look this shit up yourself. Check out the one he stole from Bill Cosby to start. The evidence is out there, you're just choosing to not look at it. You're refusing to help yourself and it's kinda pathetic

    • Empnada Jhhh
      Empnada Jhhh

      @Arcanecide Nope, you're making shit up. I don't disagree that he told jokes that may be too close for comfort. Yet Carlos is begging them to provide proof and none have. Begs the question as to why.

  • MightyBasedZao

    Mencia interview was horrible barely even let them talk

  • Mayhem Way
    Mayhem Way

    The Steven Sagal of comedy

    • Empnada Jhhh
      Empnada Jhhh

      @Alonso Hafiz Dude, you don't have to believe me. Just go watch any of his stand up specials without hating him. He is fucking hilarious in a way few comedians are today. That is why he was so damn big at the time.

    • C Vandy
      C Vandy

      This is perfect.

    • Game Troller
      Game Troller

      @Empnada Jhhh eh steven seagal did under siege

    • Alonso Hafiz
      Alonso Hafiz

      @Empnada Jhhh your opinion is rare

    • Empnada Jhhh
      Empnada Jhhh

      What??? Carlos is one of the best comedians out there regardless of him stealing or not. Im dead serious, not joe rogan, not ari shaffir, not bobby lee, not burt, not spade, none of them are half as funny as ned/carlos

  • JSant22

    I don't believe anything that comes from Mencia since this episode aired.

  • Evan Frazier
    Evan Frazier

    Bobby and Ned. What a duo.

  • Matthew Folsom
    Matthew Folsom

    Thanks for the live stream on patreon.

  • andy brelltho
    andy brelltho


  • Kameron Mata
    Kameron Mata