Tom Segura Gives Advice For Moving to LA w/ Bobby Lee
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 289) -

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  • OneDJ20

    So wait is Bobby fake laughing here?

  • luke Skywalker
    luke Skywalker

    Blobby lee

  • Sunnyside

    Taking the 405 through west LA from San Diego to go to Burbank .. Bob needed a Thomas Guide back then lllol The Californians would say : Coming from SD? Take the 405, to the 110 , then through downtown, then past Dodger stadium, then to the 5 north exit Olive Brooooo..lllol Save yourself 30 mins. Avoid west LA unless you need to be in west LA. Off peak hours, stay with the 5 at the 405 split, in OC, & its str8 shot to the valley duuuuuude.

  • John Schneller
    John Schneller

    Love how she gives advice on jobs and she never has had a real one

    • klev1111

      Wasn't she a full-time nurse?

  • L H
    L H

    I love the fade away at the end there

  • PeterLongAC

    All these tiger belly clips really giving me the foresight on why I dumped my girl

  • Hiro Protagonist
    Hiro Protagonist

    The Californians 🤣took the 210 to melrose.

    • Amin Eljack
      Amin Eljack

      I was thinking the same thing. If Tom or Bobby heard other people complaining about "traffic is a nightmare" they would obliterate them. Sounding like an SNL sketch

  • truth teller
    truth teller

    Is Bobby Lee racist?

  • CezaMVO

    Never take any advice from Bobby

  • sumguy8

    LA county is actually 4,753 sp. mi. Tim.

  • trever pitts
    trever pitts

    I can see why people are moving because all the lockdowns and people can't do stuff so they movie to tx or fl where we are open at the end up the day the new comedy hub well be Texas

    • trever pitts
      trever pitts

      @M no one i know does drugs here i dont no where in FL you been i know more people on drugs in california then fl

    • M

      @trever pitts Lmao no, we go to Florida to have fun and leave once it becomes too sad to take anymore. Florida is literally just a place where people go to die, either from old age or meth/drinking

    • trever pitts
      trever pitts

      @Raymond Osceola it's always going to happen when you live in a place like Florida that's considered a paradise like Clearwater Florida people always come

    • Raymond Osceola
      Raymond Osceola

      I hate that people keep moving to Florida

  • InfiniteNallidge


  • azam987654321

    lol the woman said it like its so easy

    • W M
      W M

      About the engineering test? There is always excuses not to do something. It is about attitude.

  • Chris Saala
    Chris Saala

    Bobby you never get up during breakfast hours, stop lying lmao

    • Zac

      He can't he's a pathological lier

    • Daniel

      Lucky boy open till midnight that’s a good time for Brunch for Bobby

  • AsimPlays 100
    AsimPlays 100

    George, heart this comment please

  • Yenifer Diaz
    Yenifer Diaz

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  • Adrian

    Bobby really regreting buying that new mansion in LA recently lmao

  • Sloppy Horror Podcast
    Sloppy Horror Podcast

    Tommy Teal

  • Frank Kelly
    Frank Kelly


  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell


  • Joseph Layton
    Joseph Layton

    I guess I’m first? Love the show