What Happens When You Get Too Many Girls ft. Bobby Lee
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 283) - irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/XceUYnTRtKt5m2Y.html
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You can watch more of Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn here!

  • tofumar

    Bobby's life flashed before his eyes in this one

  • keen L
    keen L

    Khalyla is so gross

  • Novacaine 93
    Novacaine 93

    “Gavalanting” 😂

  • Liam Mckeown
    Liam Mckeown

    Ok so anyway um LOL

  • Salty P
    Salty P

    1:08....is he naming music artist or selection numbers on the jukebox?? If it's the music, that's a weird combo to get the party started,

    • Salty P
      Salty P

      @Edz Or was D12 the artist...and U2 was the selection?

    • Edz

      His number selection was D12 and his artist was U2

  • Wahwahmels

    As a female, if a guy came up to me at bar and started making out with me I would be livid.

  • B

    bobby he was focusing on one thing....

  • BooRadley3400

    Who’s he talking about?

  • Wahwahmels

    Wait who are they talking about??

  • Justin Oldmin
    Justin Oldmin

    Love you guys. That is all.

  • Sandy Sneed
    Sandy Sneed

    I like my ugoos. Good cover

  • mc nasty
    mc nasty

    Khalayla is getting unbearable to listen to. Just want Bobby and Gilbert and george.

    • mc nasty
      mc nasty

      @Riley P I disagree but think he has a specific role and I believe he really looks out for Bobby.

    • Riley P
      Riley P

      Gilbert is cringe

    • Jim Norton's Alcoholism
      Jim Norton's Alcoholism

      Shut up

  • mc nasty
    mc nasty

    Khalayla needs to stop trying to get Bobby so jealous.

    • Cesar 2
      Cesar 2

      They're both like that. Bobby talks about hooking up with escorts and stuff so I doubt either really cares that much

  • nostrum

    i wonder if im uggo enough for Khalyla


    talk about chris

  • The Shock
    The Shock

    Gavalanting. ..lol

  • Subo23

    Perfect for each other

  • BandGangstar

    Did she say she likes her “uggos”......👀

    • BonafydeTHC

      I mean, she is expressing the obvious, Bobby def tried to pretend he didn't hear that, he has a complex.

    • chewie x
      chewie x

      Yup..im suprised we didn't see Bobby die inside

  • Lil Naptime
    Lil Naptime

    I want this guy on the show now. Would be a good one

    • Jesse Griffin
      Jesse Griffin

      Might not end well for Bobby

  • lucio demicco
    lucio demicco

    Yo I hate when Khalyla acts like she’s an outcast socially, she’s an absolute 10 and if single she can do anything she wants

    • lucio demicco
      lucio demicco

      @Johan Smallberries facts on everything u said sir

    • Johan Smallberries
      Johan Smallberries

      Yeah but a 10 in LA tangentially connected to the entertainment industry. She does have some extra spice, though.

    • Anthony Pelletier
      Anthony Pelletier

      I agree, she has no reason to act so socially inept

    • Anthony Pelletier
      Anthony Pelletier

      @s he wasn’t asking for a solution he was expressing himself

    • Anthony Pelletier
      Anthony Pelletier

      @Fleadog Green creepo

  • M G
    M G

    3:38 Youngns pay attention...this is true wisdom.

    • lucio demicco
      lucio demicco

      Absolute facts

  • Jeremy Monk
    Jeremy Monk

    all i ever see this girl talk about is how she hooked up with some dude

    • Rich Jennings
      Rich Jennings

      No chance she we ever be with him without the podcase. Gives he a platform. Sorry BB.

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony

    Bobby has the hair of a samurai warrior

    • DJ D!TCH
      DJ D!TCH

      And the body of kunfu panda


      And the mindset of a 8 year old little boy

    • 么闆


    • s

      The Fat Samurai

    • Marco Ouwens
      Marco Ouwens

      And the body of a samurai's grandma

  • Nick Diaz
    Nick Diaz

    lol Bobby's got that hair like Richard Ramirez

    • keen L
      keen L

      @Yung.Frank Leyva nobody knows what Genghis Kahn looked like

    • Matthew

      Haha! Nailed it!🤣

    • s

      @Yung.Frank Leyva and the height of Napoleon Bonaparte

    • Yung.Frank Leyva
      Yung.Frank Leyva

      And the face of Genghis kang

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones


  • Lewi

    Khalyla is 10x weirder than Bobby.. thats why they together

    • Kris M
      Kris M

      @X3MA 😂

    • X3MA

      Let's go to the comment section, for the expert insight on who these people really are.

    • Kris M
      Kris M

      For sure.

    • Dreams Squad
      Dreams Squad


  • Ranbir Dhillon
    Ranbir Dhillon

    Khakuku doing that weird shit where she makes Bobby feel jealous bout a past hookup

    • WoloPrime

      @Sebastian Gonzalez definitely not, he is usper broken inside and doesn't really hide it between his depression, sexual abuse past and alcoholism it is super tough for him

    • Jose Meneses
      Jose Meneses

      @Ranbir Dhillon Khalyla even said bobby fucked up cuz he told every secret he has to her and she hasn't told him most of the dirt she got. Another thing she said if they ever broke up she will make sure it will be messy af "jokingly".

    • Yeyo Nitez
      Yeyo Nitez

      Bobby hates that shit that's why Bobby makes fun of Mexicans the most because she hooked up with many of them

    • Sebastian Gonzalez
      Sebastian Gonzalez

      @Ranbir Dhillon bobby isnt as insecure as he seems though.

    • Ranbir Dhillon
      Ranbir Dhillon

      @KnowledgeOfSelf5 If you know you’re partner is insecure and are constantly bringing up stuff to make em feel even more insecure there’s other motives at play

  • Hunter Dobyns
    Hunter Dobyns

    i love you bobby you are fucking hilarious but khalyla’s attraction to ugly guys and you are starting to cause some suspicion.... is she trying to say something?

  • Kaniska Mutum
    Kaniska Mutum


  • joel chihota
    joel chihota

    "Maybe I might have"🤣, Mood AF

  • Antonio A
    Antonio A


  • Andrew Misle & The Inner Revolutionaries
    Andrew Misle & The Inner Revolutionaries

    Fucking Calisto strikes

  • guitarandrums

    lol how is Khalyla even weirder than bobby?