Why Andrew Santino Believes the Government Is Listening to All Our Calls
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 210) - irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/k8dfc4Oz3W2OvGY.html
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  • Baghuul

    Biden now president will be ramping up surveillance!

  • xavier torres
    xavier torres

    Khalyla loves Santino!

  • Neil Mandis
    Neil Mandis

    I love Khalyla, there, i said it. Or maybe I just love her honesty.

  • Vivien Martin
    Vivien Martin

    People are starting to realize that. A couple years ago, my dad thought it was dumb that I have a piece of tape covering my webcam but now he thinks it’s a good idea.

  • Kyle Michael
    Kyle Michael

    Andrew santino calls for insurrection

  • Kryptic

    It's called the Patriot act

  • Brandon Alonzo
    Brandon Alonzo

    They’re listening to our calls but couldn’t predict the capitol riot. Sure

    • Alessandro Scuderi
      Alessandro Scuderi

      They dont use it to stop things like that. They use it to store all the data they can then use when needed in the future.

  • Silas Klassen
    Silas Klassen

    They do listen to all ur phone calls. nsa already admitted it. Its AI that flags stuff not real humans. When something gets flagged by AI then a real person listens to it.


    The so called "government" is our enemy...always has been...

    • Therileyrileyriley

      Thank you, the all knowing “BUD WHITE”.

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker

    Santino is a hack who gets owned by Redbar all the time but he's right about this

    • Alessandro Scuderi
      Alessandro Scuderi

      Imagine liking Redbar

  • Bo Desatvuh
    Bo Desatvuh

    What a novel take, Santino is a smart guy

  • whipper snapper
    whipper snapper

    Smegma ring

  • Hedgehog’s Dilemma
    Hedgehog’s Dilemma

    This convo took a turn 😷

  • Hedgehog’s Dilemma
    Hedgehog’s Dilemma

    If that’s the case then wouldn’t the crime rate significantly be reduced?...I mean they can monitor shady calls so they can determine who is about to commit a crime etc...I’m just saying I’m probably wrong

    • Leman Kurtz
      Leman Kurtz

      Lolol!! They dont give a fuck about who's gonna buy some pills, Beats their wife, or probably even burglary. It's for information on human behavior patterns.....so they can better create the algorithms that will manipulate. I mean, anyone paying attention can tell easily that UNIFORMITY of thought is a main goal.....but you have to have two opposing sides. Both uniform in opinions. Think about why that is the end game as far as Control and Acceptable authoritarianism goes.......If they know what people will tolerate without forming ranks and coming after the Elites, they have the key to complete control. May sound really paranoid, but I dont think anyone with just a little knowledge about info gathering and how that relates to policy would be surprised.

  • Kanga

    it's a literal fact lol



  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard

    There is for sure an AI listening for key words in people's phone calls.

  • Dr. Woozie
    Dr. Woozie

    Call me crazy but Snowden is a national hero and should be pardoned.

    • Alessandro Scuderi
      Alessandro Scuderi

      @Vivien Martin You are literally now saying im brainwashed from twitter propaganda because of my view ... the irony

    • Vivien Martin
      Vivien Martin

      @Alessandro Scuderi just because someone had a different opinion than you doesn’t mean it’s propaganda lol. Looks like someone’s been Twitter brianwashed

    • Alessandro Scuderi
      Alessandro Scuderi

      @Vivien Martin Ive read extensively about it and hes 100% a hero and there was no other way to get it out. Every time somebody exposes damning information out about the US government their immediate response is propaganda saying it puts us in danger.

    • Vivien Martin
      Vivien Martin

      I can totally see that point of view but if you read up more on it and saw how vulnerable his actions made us to adversary countries, you might change your mind.

    • Alessandro Scuderi
      Alessandro Scuderi

      He definitely is

  • truhhhhhhhokIII3

    Bobbys red hair is crazy in this clip!

  • Keanuu

    Snowden said they do

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    Fuck it let em listen. I got nothing to hide

  • Adam Fraser
    Adam Fraser

    It’s not even a question . Snowden leaked it years ago .

  • Zac

    Santino is an idiot, yeah mate there's one fella sitting there waiting for everyones phone to ring 😆🤦‍♂️

    • Nano

      dont take it so serious bud lol

    • Leman Kurtz
      Leman Kurtz

      Wtf are you talking about? He's talking about software/algorithms that pick up key words and easily creates statistics on what humans think or will do....or their opinions....or what they might tolerate by a govt....Companies figuring out how best to sell you things.....Govt figuring out how best to control without causing an uprising.....It's a slow and steady process.....Hell, just knowing how you talk and your location/gps patterns can unlock the key to a multiplicity of uses. It doesnt take hardly ANY imagination to figure out what info gathering can be used for. He wasnt on about people listening in on you sweet talking a girl.

  • Shadow Of Wiggin
    Shadow Of Wiggin

    If you don't think this is true, Edward Snowden might laugh at that. AI does most of the work and flags the live agents if they hit a marker...

  • Fish Tiddiez
    Fish Tiddiez

    He litterally said the one thing he didn't want getting out.

  • Joshua Ray
    Joshua Ray

    Dude National Security, foreign affairs, international crime etc.... they do not have the ability to monitor and screen every call and message from every single person... it would be if you’re a person of interest. They have an algorithm like anything else that picks up on trigger words that would put you on a higher tier of study. They aren’t monitoring Karen the single soccer mom who works at Target.... don’t be that dumb.

    • Micheal Burns
      Micheal Burns

      You've never heard of edward snowden? Lol. He literally exposed all this years ago...now we're back to it's a conspiracy theory? 🤡🤡

    • Shadow Of Wiggin
      Shadow Of Wiggin

      Bingo. They use AI. Social media and obviously Google does it as well.

    • khonda

      It's incredible to me how many people just blindly believe that the government is "listening in to every conversation!" Not saying that they can't do it, but you ain't that special.

  • Fish Tiddiez
    Fish Tiddiez

    Factual not just subsidies but look at who they are pardoning, like epstein had government ties. The government is not bad but who they put in the government is.

  • Invisible Triangles
    Invisible Triangles

    They’ve been monitoring us for years now. It’s just barley coming to light.

  • abraham casarez
    abraham casarez

    Big data makes it possible.