Why Bobby Lee Can Never Betray Khalyla
Clip from TigerBelly (Ep 278) - irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/haiRl6usnKJ3laU.html
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You can watch more of Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn here!
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  • Tagnen Josephs
    Tagnen Josephs

    You're telling me Bobby has secrets he hasn't told anyone but Khalyla? So every diarrhea and molestation filled story wasn't secret worthy?? So you're telling me there's stories worse than that?? I have so many questions!

  • bucket head
    bucket head

    what secrets could one possibly have that you wouldn't tell your significant other of several years hmmm

  • Sky High
    Sky High

    Yeah... we all have those cutting ideas to people. I feel so much guilt after doing it.

  • Ibrahim Hammoud
    Ibrahim Hammoud

    She’s so disrespectful

  • Zayd Yancovich
    Zayd Yancovich

    I bet she will leave him with in 5 years

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris

    As a recovering addict myself, I feel what Bobby is saying. I believe a healthy amount of fear is part of the balance of life. It's important to remember how bad things were and to stay present while remaining grateful. This leads to contentment and non complacency

  • SWOLEBROproductions TERRENCEbembury
    SWOLEBROproductions TERRENCEbembury

    BOBBY is stupid...if he thinks KHALYA isnt getting pumped DOWN BY OTHER DUDES haha...

  • Meech

    I love how Khalyla said her thing and Bobby just completely nullified it lmao

  • Jesus Vasquez
    Jesus Vasquez

    bobby is a 4. khalyla is a 10, plus bobby shits in his car. it should be obvious that he can never betray her.

    • Big Shoots11
      Big Shoots11

      @Anonymous Man ya I saw she said that, guaranteed those guys were just smashing her not double dating her. No self respecting man would share his girl but he would share "a girl".

    • Anonymous Man
      Anonymous Man

      @Big Shoots11 probably previous relationships. She used to live with two guys that shared her in a three way relationship.

    • Big Shoots11
      Big Shoots11

      I just started watching what is with the kid thing? She openly said she had 2 abortions like it's no big deal, like how about practicing responsible sex instead? Were they Bobby's kids or previous relationships?

    • Anonymous Man
      Anonymous Man

      @Brandon Curtis He should leave her. This chick wont have his kids which in my opinion should be a deal breaker for a guy his age with no kids.

    • Brandon Curtis
      Brandon Curtis

      Bobby is a 8-9 and Khalyla is a 6 tops. I don't even like men, and I would rather date Bobby. At least I don't have to worry about him throwing my children in dumpsters, living off of me completely (doesn't even have a job), virtue signaling, and cheating on me. Her looks are about the only thing I find appealing. Khalyla is someone you fuck not date. Yeah, Bobby makes a mess, but he pays people to clean/make his meals and travels a ton (which would be fun). Her mom helps a lot too with laundry. Her only real responsibility is cleaning and bringing Bobby food from restaurants. Outside of that, she does yoga, hikes, and whatever she feels like 90% of the time

  • Fachri Ardiansyah
    Fachri Ardiansyah

    I can hear what bobby sounds like from the thumbnail

  • Joseph Liscano
    Joseph Liscano

    Why does kahlayla always sound so full of shit?

  • J. Her
    J. Her

    Cause he ugly af

  • Jason Brittain
    Jason Brittain

    Vagina talk

  • Eraser Traceur
    Eraser Traceur

    Because he loves that box and she makes baths for him and takes care of him.... Boyz... You DONT wanna search for a woman like that, if you find one, you settle down, period...... You take care of each other.... She may not be a 10 out of 10 and you might not be perfect either.... Nothing Nothing beats care and love, status and looks only go so far....... The prettiest woman in the world who doesn't help cook or clean is useless tbh.... Id take a mature kind woman over some hot young thing, anyday....


      @Andrew Walsh thank you bro that’s awesome happy for this

    • Andrew Walsh
      Andrew Walsh

      @JACOB MORALES FR made the same mistakes at that exact age. 3 years later I ran into my now wife and everything has been way more chill. Been together 10 years and maybe argued 3-4 times tops because we both know we're on each others side and just need to communicate for our common good instead of being right and shit. We aren't without our problems but the trust game is invincible.

    • Eraser Traceur
      Eraser Traceur

      @JACOB MORALES i have a sense of empathy and emotions are dictated through words and physical actions im actually pretty good at guessing people bro, lul


      @Eraser Traceur I am 25, wow crazy you knew that

    • Eraser Traceur
      Eraser Traceur

      @JACOB MORALES your good bro, i let some real ones go too... Are you around 25? If so youll hit mid 30s and realize relationships tricks, I was an idiot around 24...lul

  • Lid Lowbeam
    Lid Lowbeam

    Dude totally unrelated but we've got spinach that can send emails now.lol


    Who's he talking about ? Bad editing

  • Muffin

    The bobby lee fighting women compilation was a great video to watch right before this video Edit: i cant find the compilation anymore! Does anyone else know the title or if it was deleted? It was hilarious

    • a torres
      a torres


  • Leonard Hannen
    Leonard Hannen

    Gilbert's side in red is so bright. It distracts me. Anyone feeling the same?

    • Corey


  • Bondo Saucy96
    Bondo Saucy96

    Thanks for reminding me I don’t have a date for valentines fuckers......

  • justin williams
    justin williams

    Andrew Santino went to the same high school as me 😂😂😂😂 like 11 years older than me

  • Robin Waters
    Robin Waters

    This is the most genuine I've ever seen Bobby. Wasn't ready for it, glad I could see that side of him. He is human.

  • Small Bites
    Small Bites

    This is fun show

  • Anojan L
    Anojan L

    Mutually Assured Destruction

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama


  • Joe Albert
    Joe Albert

    Bobby face looks like an Asian American Mario

    • Michael Phothasone Travel Vlogs
      Michael Phothasone Travel Vlogs


    • Jerrel Nelson
      Jerrel Nelson

      Does that make Stevie lugi?

  • No Diggity
    No Diggity

    I love Bobby, he's such a fuckin' derelict.

  • AD Swish
    AD Swish

    This is such BS 😂😂😂

    • Neku

      Cant handle genuine feelings huh? youre hurt in someway if you cant recognize that this is a great conversation


    Bobby fuckin lee... TAAAANNNKKKK!